Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bad Blogger and Sunday Thoughts

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday afternoon! I'm typing up this post while I'm lounging and watching the Saints game. I think I'm going to run by the farm stand next door to the apartment during half time and pick up some tomatoes and oranges and make some spaghetti sauce later and some orange and coconut cookies!! I'm in the mood to cook and lord knows we could use some home cooked food here at the apartment. We may still try to squeeze in a movie too!

As for books, I only brought in four this week and I actually only have to take the blame myself for one :p Here's what came in!

1. At the Mouth of the River of Bees by Kij Johnson - honestly I would've gotten this one even if Ana hadn't reviewed it, but she's taking the blame for it anyway :p After reading The Fox Woman by Johnson, I've decided I need to read everything that she writes...ever. And then there was Ana's review that really made this one irresistible. AND I kind of have a thing for bees and that cover is just amazing! Point for Ana. (Bought it)

2. Wildwood Road by Christopher Golden - Susan reviewed this one recently and it sounds like such a damn good creepy ghost story!!!! I had to have it and luckily, paperback swap had a copy. So it's all mine and Susan gets a point :) (Paperback Swap)

3. The Brides of Rollrock Island by Margo Lanagan - Can I just leave it at that and you'll understand why I bought it? Seriously, I think I've had this one preordered for a year now!! I'm SO freaking excited to have my hands on this one now!!! It's been so hard to be patient for this one. Can't wait to read it! (Bought it)

4. Still Life by Louise Penny - And this is one that Carl reviewed recently and it just sounded like a fantastic mystery novel. Once again, headed over to paperback swap and they had a copy!! Point to Carl! (Paperback Swap)


Iris said...

Brides of Rollrock Island! I have yet to read it, but I feel as if I love it already.

Debi said...

Orange and coconut cookies--WANT!!! Carl made me pick that one up from paperbackswap too. :P

Kailana said...

I got the Margo Lanagan book, too. Just hasn't arrived yet.

Kailana said...
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Cath said...

Still Life is a terrific book. Louise Penny's Gamache series is fantastic.

I love the cover on that Bees book. And I keep hearing about Margo Lanagan so I need to check her out.

I just finished Dark Matter by Michelle Paver and think it's a book you would absolutely love, Chris. Not that I'm pimping or anything. ;-)))

DesLily said...

Cath would never pimp. (yeahrightsure) but she and you are both right in that Carl has made the Louise Penny books fly off the shelves I think.

Miriam N. Conde said...

You must read fast! I wish I could speed read so I could read at least a book a day. Any tips?