Friday, August 17, 2012

Thoughts on a Friday...

Yep...just one of those, I feel like blogging about nothing in particular posts, so I'll do just that....
First of all I have to thank everyone for the wonderful cloud photos that you've all dedicated to me on Instagram lately :p I took these today on my way into work while driving over the lake. The clouds were just so gorgeous today! It's made me smile so much though that I've become the "cloud guy" on Instagram though, lol. And I have to say it really does give me a burst of happiness every time I see some clouds from your neck of the woods :)

Um...I might have started a new blog :/ It's a very specific blog and I really don't expect anyone to follow me over's more for myself, but I thought I'd mention it over here. It started when i started wanting to collect the old vintage Penguin books...but then I started looking at all of the other Penguin books that I already have and the ones on my wishlist and realized how much I REALLY love the books that Penguin puts out. Their designs and imprints and history are kind of amazing. So it's going to be a blog dedicated to Penguins and it's called Plenty of Penguins. Basically, anytime I read anything published by them, anytime I get stuff by them, learn new stuff about them, find a new collection of books I want by them, it'll be posted over there. As I said, this is likely to interest only me, but I thought I'd throw it out there :p

As for the music project I'm doing...the 20 albums for 2012...I've decided that once a month I'm going to give away an album that I've talked about that month every month until the end of the year. You can enter for every album that I post about. Basically, when I post about an album (scheduled to do this every tuesday), if it sounds like something you want more of, leave me a comment on that post letting me know that you'd be interested in it! At the end of the month, I'll put all of the entries into and send you the album via itunes or whatever other electronic format works :) The first album I posted about was Diplo's Express Yourself EP and looks like not too many people were nuts about that one as I sort of expected :p May have a similar reaction next week, but I think there will be more interest after week 2! If however, you DO want Diplo's album, go back and leave a comment on that post letting me know so I can enter you in the drawing ;)

Reading.....gah....I'm reading a whole lot of nothing lately. All those books in my sidebar? I've made like no progress at all in any of them. Plus I've added Voluntary Madness by Norah Vincent to that and I'm about to finish Joe Hill's Horns on audio. So's been a case of way too many books going on which usually means never finishing anything :/ I really wish I could start getting some of these done!

Oh...and as of this post, I think I'm going to go back to responding to comments here on the blog. I did like the email format, but I couldn't respond to everyone via email AND I like having open comments and back and forth conversations publicly too. Just wanted to let everyone know in case you're one of those people like me who likes to go back and check to see if you have a response to your comment :p

Hope everyone has a great Friday!!!


DesLily said...

love your clouds too!..

and love your new blog!!!

Daphne said...

ooh, will check out the new blog! I love cloud photos too. Sometimes I can get really good ones from airplanes.

softdrink said...

Yay for clouds! And penguins.

Debi said...

I so hear you on the reading too many books and finishing none thing. But you already knew that. :P

I love your clouds too! They're so purdy there over the Lake. Will have to try to get some for you over "our" Lake one day.

So I guess I should go back and add that I want that Diplo album to my comment, huh? NO!!! JUST KIDDING!!! :P

Have a great night, sweetie!!!

Chris said...

Deslily, Thanks mama, and thanks again :D Oh, I got MORE books from you!!! You better stop, but I was so excited about them :D

Daphne, I LOVE LOVE LOVE cloud airplane shots...they're some of my favs :)

Jill, Indeed :)

Debs, I think we both have a problem and need an intervention :/ LOL...We need to learn to JUST READ ONE BOOK! LOL...At least I finished my audiobook today! I would love to see some clouds over your lake :) They're just so pretty over water when you have an open view of them! And you better watch out, because if no one else enters, I'm totally gonna send you Diplo's album :p I kid..hey, at least if one of your kids ever comes home with a boyfriend or girlfriend, you can look cool in front of them and say "hey, did you hear the latest Diplo?" :p