Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bad Bloggers! And It's Hot Y'all

It has been RIDICULOUSLY hot down here in New Orleans. Fuck high electric bills, I've got my thermostat on 73 right now! I had a really good day today. Woke up and went grocery shopping with Matt. Came home and made 20 black bean quesidillas (this amazing recipe from budget bytes...I made a double batch!) which will feed us for awhile! Went to mom's house where we put some filets on the grill and had twice baked potatoes with them and while I was there I weeded her garden for her which just about drained me of every ounce of liquid in my body. Came home and did a thorough cleaning of the house which always leaves me feeling fantastic afterwards but it also left me drenched in sweat. Just can NOT cool off!

Speaking of cooking, I'm trying to get back to doing that again for me and Matt. It definitely saves money and I just really enjoy cooking! Anyone care to share some of your favorite recipes? Extra points for low budget, multiple portions and extra yumminess!!

Oh yeah...books...we're supposed to be talking about books here huh? This week isn't TOO bad. Only five books came into the house. But I'm just going to fess up now that either next week or the week after is going to be REALLY bad. You see...I went on >_> I only allow myself to do that like twice a year...and I may have left with like 15 books which are now on their way to me....*palmface* But for now, let's just focus on the five books that came in THIS week.

1. A Guide to Folktales in Fragile Dialects by Catherynne M. Valente - I may have actually peed on myself a little bit when this book came in the mail! I've been wanting this for so long! When I reviewed Anne Sexton's Transformation's awhile back, Carl recommended this one to me. Like Sexton's Transformations, it's Valente's take on traditional folktales in the form of modern verse. And so far it is AMAZING!! Absolutely loving this one. A very big and much appreciated point to Carl! (Bought it)

2. Vanishing is the Last Art by Josh Davis - The author pitched this one to me via email and even though I've been turning down most review copies lately, this one just sounded really good! And Mr. Davis was just super nice. So I'm going to give this one a shot! The cover is pretty neat too :) (Review Copy)

3. Flora Segunda by Ysabeau S. Wilce - Another one that I got super excited about when I found! Me and Matt went shopping last night for books and I found this one for THREE DOLLARS IN HARDBACK! I've been wanting this ever since Ana and Kelly reviewed it together what seems like ages ago. They just made it sound so good so they get to split a point for this one :) Point to Ana AND Kelly :) (Bought it)

4. The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman - Now I really can't remember if someone reviewed this one and made me want it or if I just read a description of it and preordered it because it sounded so good...hmmm...let me know if you reviewed this one because I may owe you a point :p Anyhow, I DID preorder this one and was excited to get it in the mail! Sounds like a great one! (Bought it)

5. Seraphina by Rachel Hartman - I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before I bought this one. The second I saw the cover I knew I was going to get it eventually. Then Ana went and reviewed it and there wasn't a question in my mind....I had to have it :p So she's getting the point for this one! Then Heather posted about wanting to read this one and I proposed maybe doing a buddy read with her of this one and she still hasn't responded >_> *nudgenudge* Yes, Heather, I'm calling you out publicly :p (Bought it)

What treasures came into your house this week?? And who are you blaming? Because of course it's not YOUR fault that you can't walk in your house anymore because there are so many books all over the place :p


Megan said...

It's definitely dangerous when those Book Closeouts sales show up in my e-mail box. I have to fight off the temptation every time. Looking forward to seeing your haul from there. Your haul from this week is giving me cover lust - all the covers are just about enough to make me want to read them!

I actually got *nothing* this week. It's been *ages* since I've gotten nothing and I've been reading at a record slow pace, so it's probably a very good thing!

Susan said...

I just got the Flora Segunda book out from the library because I couldn't find it anywhere to buy!! and still looking for Seraphina, my library still doesn't have a copy :-( I hope you enjoy them, and you know, sometimes shopping for books is really good therapy! It works for me! :-) I know, you're a counsellor, but still - it's fun, isn't it? Enjoy them, Chris!

Fence said...

I have Seraphina on order in the library so hope to get it in soon enough.

I did read The Light between the oceans, but I didn't like it. Some of the writing was lovely but I didn't buy the characters at all.

Beth F said...

I keep hearing about The Light between the Oceans. I'm curious.

And heat? UGH. Hate it. Room A/Cs and fans are just not cutting it.

If you have time, will you come and clean my house? You and Matt are welcome to stay for dinner.

Debi said...

Aren't all these people just awful?!! Reading all these good books and then talking about them--I mean, come on, how dare they!!!

DesLily said...

I think I am going to want Seraphina.. I hope it's in hardback. I read the first Flora Segunda and although it was cute I was still a little disappointed.

Trish said...

I was thinking I didn't get any books lately but I did! I finally got Ghost World--something that I put on my wishlist about three years ago after Ana reviewed it. I think we can ALL blame Ana for everything can't we? ;) (ok, I really mean thank).

Have pinned the black bean quesadillas. Elle isn't a fan of meat so I'm searching searching searching for alternatives--plus I have a ton of dried black beans I need to use up. YUM!

Melanie said...

The black bean quesadillas from budget bytes are awesome! as for another favorite cheap, massive recipe: red beans and rice! it takes a while of at home time to do but it makes a ridiculous amount and freezes well without the rice. I made vegetarian version for the reception and there was none left over. I'm big on soup too.

Kailana said...

Oh, here is my point. I saw it in the sidebar and I was confused. I am very behind on blog reading... I have yet to read the sequel (sequels?) to Flora but I did enjoy the first one! I also have The Light Between Oceans. And, Seraphina is one of my favourite reads of the year so far.

Carl V. said...

Glad you are enjoying the Valente. I haven't read a book that made me work that hard, while loving every minute of it, since college! It made me want to read more folklore and mythology and made me want to read more Valente as well.