Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Rambles

I think I stole that title from Heather...did I steal that from you Heather? I'm sorry if I did!! Monday just seems like a good day to ramble :p I hate Mondays...seriously hate them. For some reason, it's always the busiest day at the hospital I work at. I'm the evening supervisor of admissions at a psychiatric hospital and it never fails that we have nonstop admissions on Mondays. I guess people figure if they're going to need to detox from drugs or alcohol or take care of some mental health issues, they might as well get a week of work off too! I know I would if I needed some mental health help! I really have no explanation for why things work that way :p But I'll shut up about that now because I really am rambling.

Today decided to welcome in an awful migraine too. You may have noticed that I haven't been bitching about my migraines as much recently and that's because they've been SO much better lately. I went back to my old neurologist who I really never should have left. She has me on a much better medication regimen and I'm down to about 10 migraines a month now whereas before I was having them every other day if not every day. But there are some days where there's just no fighting them. I've loaded myself up with meds today and with coffee and it's only resulted in my heart beating through my chest, me being cranky and some slight relief from this headache. But I'll take the slight relief!

Anyone on instagram that I'm not following? I really wish Instagram was not limited to people with smartphones. I've come to love's fun to follow my friends on there and get little snapshots of their lives. It's also fun to snap pictures throughout the day on my phone and kind of make an online photo journal. If you're interested in seeing my instagram photos for some reason and don't have access to it, I crosspost all of my pics to my tumblr. Sadly that's about all I do with my tumblr these days :( These were a few of my fav pics taken from today:

My very fav is the bottom's my new little poppet from Lisa Snellings-Clark...and of my 30+ poppets that I have from her, I think it may be my absolute favorite. It's so bright and happy and celebratory and it just makes me so very happy every time I see reminds me that there's always beauty to see in the world. BTW, I'm also super excited about the Kickstarter project that Lisa has in the works...can't WAIT to hear more details about it...but there are some details available on her website now!

Finally, I think I'm taking a new approach to comments! I'm SO bad at responding to comments on here and there's really nothing I want more than to actually respond to people. It's what I love about my blog...the interaction with all of you, my dear friends and fellow readers. So I'm going to start responding to comments via email. I think that'll be much easier for me. I'm just so bad about coming back to my blog and responding to comments, plus I don't know how many people actually come back to check posts for responses. Do you ever go back to posts you left comments on to check for responses? And how do you handle comments? I feel like I'm finally starting to get back to a regular blogging schedule now that life is settling in, and I have to feels good.


Debi said...

Sorry about the migraine, sweetie!!! Hope it's gone by now. And that it's the last one for the whole summer!!! (Yeah, I realize that's asking a lot...)

I so wish I had an iPhone so I could instagram!!! But sadly, I just can't justify the cost. But seriously instagram is the one thing that just tempts me sooooo much!

Already told you on tumblr, but oh my, do I love your new Poppet!!!

DesLily said...

I hope the headaches leaves as fast as it came! (*bad headache!, bad, bad!)

and I too love the little poppet! Have you named her yet??

as for comments I go back to read others comments anyway so it matters not how you comment ..just as long as I hear from you now and then I am happy!

DesLily said...

I hope the headaches leaves as fast as it came! (*bad headache!, bad, bad!)

and I too love the little poppet! Have you named her yet??

as for comments I go back to read others comments anyway so it matters not how you comment ..just as long as I hear from you now and then I am happy!

christina said...

I am the worse when it comes to responding to comments, mainly because I just don't think people come back to the blog, you know? I mean, for me, I can't keep track of who I comment to and who I don't. A lot of it has to do with how busy I am to even comment.

And totally ugh about the migraines. I've been getting more headaches than usual because of all of this rain, the pressure has been driving me crazy. Luckily I only need the OTC migraine meds but man does it make me jittery. Plus, because I've cut back on my caffeine so much, my body can't adjust to it and I have a bitch of a time going to sleep. Yuck.

Hope your week gets better!

Daphne said...

I'm new to the wonderful world of migraines -- so far they haven't been debilitating, but a couple of times I've had to just stop everything, take a bunch of painkiller, and go lay down for a couple hours. I'm trying to learn what's causing them for me... so while yours sound so much worse (boo!) I am sympathetic!

I wish I had an iPhone for Instagram and all those fun apps, but my work provides me with a Blackberry and I can't see a reason to get another smartphone. So... I remain iPhone-less...

Love to hear from you in no matter what format! :)

Anonymous said...

I am a total failure at replying to comments. For tomorrow's post I'm just doing a mass acknowledgment of all the comments left on my last three posts. I'm telling myself I'm being efficient and moving on. :-D

Jeane said...

I usually come back to see if comments have been responded to. But a few bloggers I regularly comment on email in response, and that works fine for me, too.

Snowball said...

I'm so sorry about the migraines. I get them too, but not nearly as bad. I've been lucky enough to trace down most of my triggers over the years.

I do love your little poppet.

When leaving a comment on someone else's blog I like the comment forms that offer the choice to be notified of replies or followup comments.

On my own blog, I have it set up so I receive an email if someone comments so it is easy to respond to them. Well I only get two or three comments a month so we're not talking about anything taxing. I get so excited that someone actually commented that I really need to respond.

And I grin a lot.I'm easily pleased.

Kailana said...

Fun post! I like rambles. I am also addicted to Instagram... Maybe even more than you? It's the best part of my phone. I hope one day you can be migraine-free, Chris. And I also suck at replying to comments...

Heather said...

Aye, you stole that from me, ye braggart.

I don't know where that came from; maybe I have a pirate ghost residing in my brain.

Anyhoo, it's all right. I'll take 10 bad blogger points or ye soul. Hahahahaha

I'm obviously in a very weird mood, but I hope it made you laugh!

And also, evil migraines! I had one this week, for the first time in a looooong time. They are evil. It's pirates.

Bookfool said...

Love your poppet!

Yes, sometimes I go back to check for a response -- usually if I'm *hoping* for a response. But, I don't always remember. And, I *never* remember to check the little box that says, "Let me know if someone responds." Airhead alert.

Just noticed you got Shadow Show. I just got that, too!