Monday, April 9, 2012

The Whole Lotta Stuff Going On Catch Up Post

Remember me? I'm still here. My life has shall we put it...sort of like a nice little town that's had a tornado come through it recently, lol. Though not necessarily all that bad. Just a whole lot of crap and a whole lot of really big changes going on all in a very short amount of time. But I've really been missing my blogging friends so I thought I'd come check in and do a sort of mish-mash update post.

Dad is home from the hospital, though he's still not doing too great. His nurse (home health) thinks he never should have been discharged from the hospital, but I think he's slowly showing some signs of improvement. He just looks so malnourished and so weak that it's a truly sad sight to see. I just hope we can get him back to how he was before. It'll take lots of work, but I think we can get him there.

My headaches have improved dramatically!! I know this isn't going to sound too great to non migraine sufferers but since going back to my old neurologist, I've gotten them down to about 10 headaches a month and only about three of them have been severe to the point where I couldn't control them with medication. I think the biggest change has been getting me off of vicodin for every single headache along with getting me on the right preventatives and getting me OFF the wrong ones.

I bought a house and then lost it and then fired my real estate agent since the last post. I've been looking for a house. A couple of weekends ago, we spent the whole day looking at houses. I'll spare you the details, but I put in an offer at the end of the day which was flat out rejected. And then the next day they came back with a counter offer after rejecting my initial offer? But the counter was full asking price? And my agent kept pushing me to take it...well I quickly learned my agent was pretty much in bed with the other agent and was doing everything she could to screw me over. So the house hunting is on hold until I find the right agent!

BUT! I do need to find the right agent soon because Matt will be DOWN HERE FOR GOOD in like a month and a half :D :D :D Right now I can't imagine me being in a house by then. We've talked about it and I don't want to rush the process. So it looks like what I'm going to do is get an apartment in the area that I'm looking at for us so that I can get to know the area a little bit better and take my time.  With this news of Matt coming down here comes coming out to my mom...which is happening tomorrow. Talk about the absolute most nerve wracking day of my life! I've written her a letter which she'll get tomorrow. I know this sounds odd to some people but this is how me and my mom handle big things. Write a letter, give the other person time to process it, then come back and talk. So as of tomorrow I'll be out to my mom. Big deal! Wish me luck please!

I also realized that I need to post my Total Money Makeover Updates!! So I'm just going to post them here real quick. They're not to inspiring this month. With the possible move and my dad's prescriptions, etc., I dipped into the emergency fund again and I'm not going to lie...I used my credit card even though it's cut up because Amazon still has it on file :/ Yeah...I need to take it off. But the good news is the numbers still went down. Here are the updates for April:

Checking Account:   STARTING POINT (1/2012): $531.71  APRIL 2012: $118.12 (this should actually be closer to ZERO!

Savings Account:   STARTING POINT (1/2012): $25.80      APRIL 2012: $1000.14

401K:   STARTING POINT (1/2012): $13,289.75      APRIL 2012: $15,873.00

Credit Card Debt:   STARTING POINT (1/2012): $7,154.34     APRIL 2012: $5,326.30 (this should really be lower by now.

Student Loans:   STARTING POINT (1/2012): $13,318.94     APRIL 2012: $12,940.40

As for books, I'm reading two AWESOME books right now!! I started and gave up on more books than I can tell you because nothing was grabbing me. Basically a book needs to be really freaking good right now to grab me and I found two that are really freaking good. The first is The Onion Girl by Charles DeLint which I'm reading on my Nook and the second is Hemlock Grove by Brian McGreevy. Can't WAIT to tell you about both of them!!

And finally, have a few gardening pics...they made me smile, so I hope they make you smile as well :)


Heather said...


I'm not going to lie and say everything will be all right, at least not immediately, but I think in the long run this is going to be the best. thing. ever. If only for your stress levels and oh, yeah, MATT! I am so excited, nervous, anxious, happy, and more and more and more for you! Oh my, I think I feel nauseous. :\

*hugs* again and *hugs* again.

Cath said...

A heartfelt 'Good luck' with your mum, Chris. I really feel for you. But how wonderful that Matt will soon be coming to live with you. :-) So pleased for you. I see what you mean about tornadoes though! Big changes.

Anonymous said...

ugh about your real estate agent! i had that happen (except it wasn't just a house, but an entire area this lady was responsible for and she kept only showing houses there). it took like a year after that to find the right place for us, but we finally did. i hope yours is a quicker process since i know you're dying to have a backyard to plant stuff in and a home to start creating a life in.

as for coming out to your mom... *hugs* tons of internet hugs. i hope it goes well and i hope things only get better from here.

Daphne said...

Many thoughts!! First, good luck with your mom! I have done the letter thing for various "announcements" and I think it's actually a really good way of doing things. I hope that goes well.

Yay, Matt! And boo on the real estate agent. I say from experience that it makes a huge difference to have a good agent who is on your side. We were lucky and had a family friend, but ask your friends or anyone else -- get someone good.

And I hope your dad gets better, and I loved your garden photos. Oh! And I LOVED The Onion Girl!!

Amanda said...

Wow that IS a whole lot going on Chris! No wonder you haven't had time to post. Bought and lost a house??? Whoa. There's got to be more to that story, and I'm sorry you had to go through whatever it was on top of everything else!

I'm really crossing my fingers for you for tomorrow. I hope everything works out well. I'm very excited that Matt's coming down!! That's such fantastic news! I think you're being very smart to get an apartment and take things slow on the house hunting.

And YAY for the headache situation! To be off more of the meds and doing more preventatively and also have them decrease - that's perfect! I'm so glad it's working, especially as this heat looms up.

Sending you lots of hugs and love!

Chrisbookarama said...

Wow, that's a whole lot of stuff going on! Good luck with everything. :)

Megan said...

Wow, your life right now definitely sounds like a whirlwind. It's great to hear that you're on the road to getting your headaches under control. The whole house thing sounds like a major mess. Good call grabbing an apartment and taking it slow. Buying a house definitely doesn't sound like something you'd want to rush into, better to buy yourself some time and be able to choose just the right one!

Hope everything goes well with you mom. The whole letter writing thing actually sounds like a pretty healthy way of handling big things. Telling someone something big and reacting to something big the "right" way are both tough things, so I hope the writing makes it easier on both of you.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your mom! I'll be sending lots of positive thoughts your way!!

Marg said...

Wow, that is a lot of things going on at any one time! Great news about your headache, boo to dodgy real estate agents, yay for Matt coming down soon and good luck with your mum!

Vasilly said...

Oh wow! Good luck with your mom. I know right now is really scary but hopefully everything works out.

Bookfool said...

Goodness, that's even more than I expected you to say you had going on! Sending positive vibes for tomorrow. Wahoo for Matt moving down! And, so happy to hear about the migraine improvement!

As to the real estate agent . . . sigh. We've been looking at houses for 2 years, now. Our agent is not particularly motivated, near as I can tell, and they never do seem to give in to showing you what you're *really* looking for. Ours likes to show us houses that will give her a bigger cut because they're her listings. But, she's a little more laid-back than most and that's nice, so we've kept her. There just aren't many houses available where we're looking and they are almost all overpriced, given the economy and the prices those few that have sold have gone for.

Point being, finding a house can make you lose your hair. I think it's wise to move into an apartment, temporarily. It'll give you a better feel for the area and hopefully take some of the pressure off.

I do hope your father continues to improve. Not surprising that he doesn't look so hot, is it?

*HUGS* and love!

Becky said...

Oh my goodness! Such news! Here's all my love and best wishes. I hope everything works out well with your mom and that she gives you all the love and support you need and deserve.

As for the house woes, I'm dying. My realtor was such an amazing guy, who I knew had my best interest at heart, and I was still super stressed out. I can't imagine being jerked around by someone who was being shady and trying to earn a buck. I hope you're able to find a great place for you and Matt! :)

DesLily said...

wow! I love,love,love the headache news!!!!!!that's Fantabulous!!!!

I know I am not your real mom but for as long as I've known you it sounds like your mom is a special person and loves you a whole lot. In the end we moms only want our kids to be healthy and happy. It's hard for me to even think about a mom disowning her child, not matter what ... I know some are out there, and it's their loss if they choose that way. You are such a good person Chris and I have to believe your mom will love you just as much after she reads the letter...and as a mom we all come around to loving the person "who steals our childs heart from us"!.. when we see you happy that's really all that matters. I wish you and Matt all the happiness there is, and I hope your love lasts forever and ever.

oh.. and the garden pics look great...

Memory said...

Wow, that's a lot of stress all at once! I'm glad to hear your headaches have improved, but the stuff with your dad and your realtor sounds terrible. :( I hope you see improvement on both fronts nice and soon.

Best of luck with coming out to your mom! Them's some nerve wracking times indeed.

Susan said...

Dear Chris, you have been having such a nerve-wracking year so far! That's such good news about your headaches - I mean, you can think now, and feel more clearly, and that's wonderful. It's worrying about your dad, so here's some thoughts and wishes he will get better. It's terrible news about your real estate agent, ugh! I can't believe she'd do that to you. Good for you for firing her like that.

Best of all though, is Matt coming down, that is going to help you so much be more grounded. And coming out to your mom - here's lots of hope that you'll be surprised that she already has at least guessed, and all she wants is for you to be happy. That's what we want for you!

Would you believe that I dreamt of tornadoes the other night? Dozens were spinning towards me...guess where i managed to hide out? In a bookstore! No kidding! lol Who ever said Tauruses had a boring life???? Not you and me, we sure don't!

And, when you and I need a little peace and time out, there's our wonderful gardens to go to. thanks for your pics! Your garden is so lovely.

Nymeth said...


Trish said...

OH Chris. This post has me crying a bit and my heart is going pitterpatter for you. Hugs. I hope everything goes smoothly with your mom when you come out to her. I didn't realize she wasn't aware.

Andi said...

WOW! You have a lot going on, my friend!!! Wishing you all the best and all of the least stressful. :)

Good luck!

Bellezza said...

Real estate agents. They're the worst. Talk about a manipulative bunch, in general terms. Here's hoping that you'll find the right one, and before that, find the right apartment.

I think it's very wise of you and your mother to communicate the big stuff via letter. It's wonderful to have time to dwell about what the other's said. My brother waits until the high holy days, like Easter, to share any momentous news he has. Which is the only kind he ever shares.

So, I'll be thinking of you while remembering all the comforting comments you left me about the strength of the mother/son relationship when I was struggling with my own son. Remember, from the point of view of a mother, we love our sons. Always. No matter what.

Carl V. said...

I commented on some of this stuff in the post above, but wanted to make sure to tell you here how proud I am that you are still plugging away on your debt. There are times when it will definitely feel like it is going too slow, but if you'll just re-energize yourself by reminding yourself of your goals and also with dreams of what it will look like on the other side you'll push on through. There is a reason these are called 'baby steps' after all. I got frustrated more than once at how long it was taking, but then I would remind myself that I didn't get in debt overnight either and that took some time. Believe me, you'll feel amazing when you reach your goals.