Sunday, February 5, 2012

Signs of Spring On February Fifth

Well it looks like the gardening season is officially in full swing here in New Orleans. I got my hands all up in the mud this week and planted all kinds of new stuff and took a look at what's been growing. As you'll see above, the pomegranate tree has pretty much come fully back and the lavender is coming into bloom as well. Can't WAIT to see the bees blooming around the lavender :) Oh how I love bees so damn much. As long as they're not stinging me :p

I also got some radishes put into the ground last weekend and they've pretty much all come up!! Exciting!! They're supposed to be fast growers, so we'll see how they do. They sure did come up fast! Next to them, I have some gorgeous swiss chard that I picked up at a local nursery and some broccoli that I planted from seed that's making an awesome head! My only concern is that part of the head seems to be turning red :/ Anyone know if that's normal or if not what could be causing it? I googled it but didn't get much...though someone might know from experience.

And last but not least, I got some stuff into the main garden. Transplanted some corn that I grew from seed aslong with some cucumber and lima beans that I grew from seed and the rest came from nurseries. Well aside from one volunteer tomato from the compost :p So I have two black beauty eggplant, two bell peppers, two giant bells, two jalapenos, two creole tomatoes and a cherry tomato in there right now...with more to come of course! Oh...and I did something that I don't know if I should have or not :p I bought some onion sets and planted them all over the garden XD I know their roots don't grow THAT I planted them around other plants and in between plants. We'll see what happens. Just have to water well. And hey, I'll prob be moving around May and starting a whole new garden so this will be Mom's garden anyway :p

I'll have LoTS more updates over on Tumblr today! Just click the link over on the sidebar for those! In the meantime, did you do any gardening this weekend/Week?


And now it's time to pick FIVE winners for my seed giveaway!!! Not all that many people entered, so the chances of winning were pretty good! I'm likely to have another of these down the road. Hopefully there are more entries then. I'm really just being selfish and want to see more people garden :p it's a great hobby and you get FREE FOOD from it! So without further ado, the winners are:


Congrats everyone!!! I'll email you all to see which five seeds you want :) Here's the list if you want a reminder!


DesLily said...

oh wow you have a great start there Chris! I love watching you garden.. I know when I was more able to do that I loved it too.I am amazed most that you don't loose too much from insects and things eating your veggies..

Evie Yang said...

Thanks for picking me! I've replied your email. Hope your broccoli turns out okay :)

Daphne said...

Nice job! I am hoping to get my garden in shape in a couple weeks when it's not *quite* so chilly still. We're still having overnight freezes so I guess it's not time to really get to work quite yet. I could do potatoes but i did those last year and I'm not sure I want to again. Maybe. Your garden looks beautiful so far!

Chris said...

Deslily, I have pretty good luck keeping the pests away, though I have to say that nothing pisses me off more than when I go to pick a tomato and a damn bug has eaten half of it, lol.

Evie, Your seeds will be in the mail tomorrow :D Hope you enjoy them!!!!

Daphne, I can't WAIT to see what you do with your gardens this year :D I'm going to do potatoes again this year but I'm going to grow them in trash bags! Ever tried them like that? Supposed to be easy! Think I'm going to plant them this Sunday.

Care said...

Guess what I have growing! TULIPS! in a pot, inside. The hub brought back bulbs from the Netherlands in January and I have plants not just little shoots already. I really should post a pic...

Care said...

Guess what I have growing! TULIPS! in a pot, inside. The hub brought back bulbs from the Netherlands in January and I have plants not just little shoots already. I really should post a pic...

Heather said...


I still can't decide what I want to grow this year. All I can think of is how I want a tiller. I have this huge backyard! I could be growing tons of stuff!!! Just have to find the money….

Chris said...

Care, I am so jealous!!! You have Dutch tulips?!?!?! That is so freaking cool!!!! Know what else you have to plant soon? ZINNIAS :D

Heather, YES!!! OMG you so have to dig up the whole yard :D :D I wish I could come help :p You know I totally would if I could. I plan on digging up my whole yard once I get my own place!