Sunday, August 14, 2011

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark by Guillermo Del Toro

Looking for a good read for the upcoming RIP Challenge? Look no further. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark is a deliciously creepy novel that's composed of a mixture of journal entries and illustrated "bad fairies" illustrations. And the book itself is designed wonderfully with nice, thick paper and obvious work put into the production of it. Emerson Blackwood is a scientist living in the late 19th century who is one day shown a skeleton of a toothbreaker...aka, a tooth fairy. At first he is hesitant to believe that this is what it is, but he soon becomes obsessed with Fae creatures. So much so that he drags his loved ones into his madness. He chronicles his encounters and discoveries in journal form, of which we are privy to a few entries. In addition, he catalogs the fairies by their country of origin. These are not happy, bright, sparkly fairies. Instead, these are the things of nightmares. And Del Toro is careful to stick to common fairy folklore, focusing on fairies like the tooth fairy (a pretty damn evil fairy if I may say so myself), Pooka, trolls, Baba Yaga, and dozens more. Why yes, I was looking out for toothbreakers sneaking into my room when I went to bed :p Apparently this is a companion piece to Del Toro's new film coming out with the same title that I didn't know existed! And from the trailer, it looks perfectly creepy. Another note, I'll be gone for the next week. Off to see my friend Debi in New York :D Not that this differs much from my last few months of blogging, but just wanted to let everyone know that I'm away...You can still feel free to email me though and I'll respond when I get back. And as always, please let me know about any extra cool posts that I'm missing!!! Hope everyone has a great week!!

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