Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Stuff of Legend Volume 1 by Mike Raicht

This is one that I never would've known about had it not been for Debi, and I'm so glad that she told me about it. It's made it's way around the Steven's household and I got to read it too during my stay with them. The story centers around a young boy and his toys during World War II. While his father is off to war, a young boy is left to his imagination with his toys, playing with his army men, saving his pennies in his piggy bank, and sleeping with the safety of his teddy bear, Max. But one night he is kidnapped by the boogeyman from his bed and sucked into a world where forgotten and abandoned toys take on a life of their own. In an effort to save the boy, his toys leave the safety of his room to save the young boy from the boogeyman traveling to the boogeyman's world where they take on a life that they never had before....but it is a life of danger. Sounds juvenile? It's not at all. This is one of the best graphic novels that I've read. Really. It reminded me in some ways of Fables just in it's fantastic elements and the contrast of childlike innocence often contrasted with horrendous, violent things like war and bloodshed. The characterization of the toys was top notch with each being fully developed quickly. And the art was just to die for. This is some of the best art that I've ever seen in a graphic novel. Take a look: Beautiful, isn't it? And it's one that I think can be enjoyed by everyone. In fact, it was Debi's 7 year old son, Max that really convinced me that I had to read it when he was talking about it at family book club night. He had just read it. I think each age group would really get something different out of this one. I really can't wait for volume two in this series to come out now!

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