Friday, March 13, 2009

Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess

blueberryBlueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman Illustrated by Charles Vess 32 Pages 2009 5/5
Ladies of Light and ladies of darkness And ladies of never-you-mind, This is a prayer for a blueberry girl. First, may you ladies be kind.
When Tori Amos became pregnant with her little girl, Neil Gaiman wrote her a poem. It was at first solely hers and it remains hers, but he's been kind enough to now share it with the world. He tells the story of handwriting numerous copies of the poem and then deciding that hey, maybe this should go into print for others to have. And it did. And we're all lucky for that. Blueberry Girl is a beautiful poem that hits home and pulls at the heart strings when paired with the beautiful and delicate drawings of Charles Vess. It's a book that you just want to embrace. It's filled with innocence yet it's words describe a world that isn't always the easiest to mosey around in but promises the hope and blessings of many. The poem was obviously written for a mother and a daughter, but it's a book that anyone can enjoy. At it's essence is every stage of life and Neil captures the ups and downs; the trials and tribulations of life so well that it touches the reader. Charles Vess once again brings his passion to the table here in the art that accompanies Neil's poem. The colors are rich and vibrant, the subject soft and filled with life. He perfectly captures the magic of a child showing a young girl skipping through trees and parading with animals of all kinds...walking down the trail of life. tori It's a beautiful book that should certainly be shared with mothers and daughters, but don't let it stop you if you are neither. I'm a single man with no children and I adored it and connected with it. Well done Neil and big hugs to Tori and Natashya.

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