Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Skeletons by Ray Bradbury

"His teeth began to chatter. God All-Mighty! he thought, why haven't I realized it all these years? All these years I've gone around with a - SKELETON - inside me! How is it we take ourselves for granted? How is it we never question our bodies and our being?" What a great way to start off the RIP Challenge. I had finished last years RIP Challenge with The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury which I highly, highly recommend to anyone as a read this year, so I wanted to start this years with some more Bradbury who's writing I've just fallen in love with. Skeletons is a short chapbook that was published by Subterranean Press that contains two short stories, both entitled "Skeleton" that were written by Bradbury in 1945. The first is much longer and in my opinion, much better. The book has numerous illustrations on each of it's 44 pages by Dave McKean which add to it's creepiness. The story focuses on a man who suddenly begins to be bothered by the bones in his body. After seeing his doctor and being blown off, he goes to another "doctor" with no MD behind his name that puts the idea into his head that his skeleton is what's bothering him and he's heard of this before. What follows is a journey into madness as the man feels invaded by the skeleton within his body as if it is a separate being from him and he'll do whatever it takes to overcome it's "control" over him. Another Bradbury great and a great start to the RIP challenge! In other news, please keep your fingers crossed that this bitch of a hurricane, Gustav stays the hell away from us. It's projected path takes it right to us right now on Monday as a category 3 or 4 hurricane and it's now being dubbed "Katrina 2" down here. Not a good sign...Please no... In better news, Megan is down here for a few days! It's nice to get some visiting time in with her and to hang out a little bit. Her mom had her gall bladder removed today so she flew down to spend some time with her for a few days. We went and had dinner and talked for awhile after work tonight and that was really nice. Good to see that we have no problems falling into conversation and old times. Stay tuned tomorrow for what I promise is one hell of an interview with author John Lawson who wrote Witch Ember and The Raven which I reviewed earlier this year. You don't want to miss this great interview!

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