Saturday, April 12, 2008

Long Day, Short Review

I got the long shift today. 13 hours. Fun. Not really. But it's over now and I'm off tomorrow, so it's all gravy baby. I can't wait to just find another real job and have weekends off again. I like to be on schedule with the rest of the makes life seem at least a tad bit more normal. There are a couple of job prospects out there though which is better than I've been able to say in awhile though, so that's good! Working 13 hours did allow me some reading time which was a good thing. I finished Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak for Becky's Book Club (early, don't be mad Becky :/) and started The Book of Flying by Keith Miller. So here's the short review... The short review is not because I didn't like Speak. In fact, I thought it was an incredible book and should be mandatory reading for high school students. I just don't feel like typing up a full review right now and I'll just procrastinate and never do it if I don't do it now :p Speak is the story of 9th grader Melinda. Melinda has gone through a major traumatic event the summer before beginning her freshman year of high school and since then has become shunned by everyone at her school. She doesn't fit in, she doesn't know if she wants to fit in. The book is told from her point of view as she relates to us the different cliques of high school, the different fashions, the teachers, the stupid rules, the superficial stuff...but in between the superficial stuff she shows us a past that has literally scarred her as she bites her lips to the point of bleeding and scabbing. She becomes secluded without any friends, her grades fail, she retreats to a closet that is her only safe harbor, and she refuses to Speak. But speaking is the only thing that will release her from her burden...speaking of her past, speaking for communication, speaking for relationships, for understanding...she needs to speak up. I was glad to see that Anderson got so much exposure for this book. It should be read by every bully out there in high school. Or anyone who never thought twice to say a word to the "weirdo who won't talk to anyone". Kids can be so cruel these days...we see this all the time as videos pop up of girls videotaping themselves beating up other girls. It's just a different form of trauma. It's glorified, and it shouldn't be. These types of things have lasting impressions on people's lives and can cause severe damage. Speak can also help those who have gone through situations similar to Melinda's. The author herself says that her high school experience was somewhat similar to Melinda's. If you know a teen, treat them to this book. Or read it for yourself if you're looking for an excellent read. Despite all of this depressing talk, it's actually quite comical too believe it or not.

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