Monday, January 7, 2008

Geaux Tigers! And Sweet Bloggers...

It's official!!! LSU won the BCS Championship game tonight and the city is going nuts! I'm so happy for LSU, my dear alma mater. It couldn't have happened to a better group of guys and a better group of fans. Tiger stadium is like nothing you'll find anywhere else...the fans and the players are just electric and you can just feel the energy driving around Baton Rouge and it's all been transported down here to New Orleans this week! I went to school on LSU's campus in New Orleans for my Master's and after Katrina, we were transported to the Baton Rouge campus and during football season it was just incredible. I'm so proud of the team for winning tonight! Bourbon Street will be nuts tonight! We went down to the quarter for lunch yesterday and ended up turning around because we spent an hour just trying to find parking...and we were on the outskirts of the quarter which usually isn't too bad parking wise. Needless to say, I won't be braving it down there tonight :p

As for sweet bloggers, I got a package in the mail today and a card in the mail from two different bloggers! Both unexpected! The first was from Deslily. She sent me her copy of The Dragon Quintet which she just read not too long ago with a very sweet note. It has a short story by Orson Scott Card in it and she knew I'd enjoy it. Thank you so much, Pat :) You're taking care of me, I see, since I made a resolution not to buy books! (more on that in a second) The second thing was a card from Bookfool and inside were three beautiful homemade bookmarks with her photos which I love so much!! And one of them is a poppet pic :) Thanks Bookfool! They're already being put to use. You people are just too nice!!

So an update to the no buying books resolution. NO, I haven't bought any books! But I've decided that it's a totally unreasonable resolution. So here's a more reasonable one. There are books that I had already planned on buying. For instance...if a new book by Orson Scott Card or Neil Gaiman comes out, or a new book in a series I'm reading, I'll make an exception...but no more impulse buying and just shopping the shelves. I'm thinking maybe like 10 books for the whole year. Aside from that, I like Carl's idea of using the library more, and I'm going to do that. For challenge books that I don't have, I'm going to get them from the library! Sounds good. Proud of me Darla??? ;)

And another reminder that if you haven't signed up for the book giveaways for The Time Traveler's Wife and Wind Follower, go to The Catch Up Post and sign up!


CdnReader said...

The library will be my friend this year too, Chris. :) I've been fortunate to find a GREAT library system near my new place in Greenwich to help me keep my book buying habits under MAJOR control. For the next six months, if the library don't got it, then Cdn don't need it. *grin*

DesLily said...

glad the book arrived !! see there, now you have one more to add to your tbr pile! hahaha I hope you enjoy the stories.

I too have to cut back on buying books.. doing my rereading should help out in that area. 3 books i will buy all come out in April though argh!The Fablehaven book, the Septimus Heap book and Inkdeath and I sure won't pass those up! I suspect my wish list will be growing wildly though *sigh*

Melanie said...


My heart about stopped with Ohio State's touchdown 80 odd seconds into the game but i know we'd win in the end! Now i have to buy new tee shirts; my National Champs 2003 ones are a little old.

Debi said...

Congrats on your big win!!!
(Personally, I swear I'm nearly ready to give up on sports football season sucked, and my hockey season is starting to slip away as well...)

And I couldn't agree more about bloggers! This is just the nicest bunch of people one could ever imagine!

Chris said...

CDN, Very good slogan indeed ;) I'm liking that a lot: "if the library don't got it, then I don't need it." LOL...That should be a banner on my wall. Or honestly, someone should just carry that around in front of me!

Deslily, You are too sweet!! You know I love adding to my TBR pile :D And that's one I've had my eye on since it came out! When I got the package, I said out loud "Now Pat better not be spending money on books on me!!" Glad to see you were passing one on ;) Thanks again, I love it!!! I can't wait for Fablehaven!!!! I still haven't got my ARC...I think they forgot about me. Oh well, I'll just buy my copy in April. That's usually how it works. All the new releases come out at the same time!

Melanie, I know!!! I was so excited :) I was about to die too with that touchdown at the beginning of the game. I have to go get my tshirts today too :p I think I'll get a couple this time for when one gets worn out!

Debi, That's so sad about your sports teams :( lol...Start following mine :p Well, never mind. The Saints were so unpredictable this season, but next year you should follow LSU! They're a guaranteed good team and you don't get a more fun team in college football. Maybe everyone in the world should start blogging, huh? Then everyone would just turn nice, lol ;)

Nymeth said...

Awww, that's so sweet of them!

I fully support your decision of using the library more! I'm doing the same myself. When I was home for the holidays, I realized that when I bring all my books back there will be absolutely no shelf room left. I'll have to start piling books on the floor.

This made me think that even though I love owning books, maybe I should avoid hoarding... when I'm reading a book by a new to me author, for example, it's wiser to use the library, because I could turn out to no like them and I'd be left with a book I'd never read again. And I know I can always give it away, but I might as well save the money :P

Of course, when it comes to authors like Neil Gaiman or Terry Pratchett, I will always buy their books!

Carrie K said...

I was surprised at how many of my books were borrowed from my library last year. This year I'm going to try to reign it in a little, I've got tons of books on my TBR shelves.

It's easy to get into though. Drop them off, pick more up. Does your library system have holds?

Nice book gifts! Sweet friends.

Darla D said...

Yay, Chris! I'm VERY proud of you! You know that space is at a premium at many libraries, and when books sit on the shelves for a long time, they often get "weeded" to make room on the shelves for new books (particularly in public libraries, like mine, which do not have an archival mission). So you can also think of it, in addition to saving money, as saving the life of a book so a future reader might enjoy it, too!

Btw I found myself at work tonight without my current book that I'm reading (Robin McKinley's Dragonhaven) at my dinner hour - yikes! Luckily working at a library means that I did have a few books to choose from to read while I ate. I picked up Interworld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves. Wow - I hated to put it down and go back to work! Have you read it? It's very gripping so far.

Chris said...

Nymeth, Yeah...I've started using the floor myself :/ That's what made me realize it's library time :p Once I get my own place and can get more bookshelves, maybe I can go back to buying more, but I'm afraid mom won't let me crowd her house with anymore of them :p It's just so hard not to own a book. I totally understand what you're saying about getting books from the library that are new to you authors, but what if you love it?? Then you have to give it back! I'll end up fighting the librarian while she's trying to pull it out of my hands and it won't be pretty :p

Carrie, My library does have holds, which is very fact, I should go and put holds on a few books now. That's another thing I'm afraid of...I'm going to start finding books I like at the library and never get to my challenge books!

Darla, yay! My new mission is to save the lives of books :) I really didn't know that, so it's good to know that if I read a book that hasn't been checked out in a while, I'll keep it on the shelf for a little while longer. That's great! I figured you'd be proud! I used to go to the library all the time...then I got into this book collecting thing :/ It'll be nice to be back. I have read Interworld. It's very different from Gaiman's normal stuff and many of his fans didn't like it. I did :) I will say that it didn't feel like a Neil Gaiman book to me and it was my least favorite of his books, but it was a great story...and I loved Hue!

Darla D said...

Hue is a wonderful character! I want one! I just finished the book - I hope I'll be able to get a review up today, since it's my day off - woohoo! I really enjoyed it. Yes, it's different from much of Gaiman's work that I have read, but that didn't make me like it any less.

Anonymous said...

congratulations to your team! very cool!

and that is very sweet of bookfool and deslily and them. i must say, though, that its richly deserved!

Chris said...

Darla, I'm so glad that you enjoyed it :) We certainly need to find out how we can get a hue ;) Enjoy your day off!!

JP, I was so happy for LSU!! They really deserved the win and they played awesome. And it was very sweet of Bookfool and Deslily :) They're always sweet was a nice surprise!

heather (errantdreams) said...

10 books for the year?

You know, wouldn't one a month make more sense? Just 12?

Come on, just two more... that isn't too much...

*wicked grin*