Friday, June 15, 2007

A Quick Post Of Links

Lisa Snellings-Clark is about to re-open the gallery via eBay for the Summer Solstice sale. In preparation, there are goodies up already. Red poppets, more Little Pink Poppets that are amazing (I own one and you should too), and get ready for this.....Blue Poppets!! I'm so excited about Blue Poppets. Blue is my favorite color and I really have always wanted a blue poppet. See, it doesn't take much to make me happy...really...not much at all... There are also stuffed poppets being made and you can see them on this post of her blog.

Megan (yes, my Megan) is fairly new to the blogging community, so I'm sending you all her way. She's written a review for the new Jeff Buckley album. Yes, even though he has passed there are still new Jeff Buckley albums. This one sounds great and if you're a fan, I recommend checking out her review. I'll be picking this one up.

And finally, Scott has a great new book blog named Booky Ooky and he's reviewed a set of books that look incredible. I need to get these. They are the Griffin and Sabine & Morning Star Trilogies. Check out his review for an excellent description of the series and for a fun blog to read.


Carl V. said...

I saw those on Lisa's site and just new that you would beat me to the punch in posting about them. Ha!

I've followed your directions and posted on Megan's site and found the review of Bantock's books very interesting.

Chris said...

Blue Poppets! That rocks! Of course I had to make sure my order was in before I posted about them.

That's a good Carl following directions :p

DesLily said...

*sigh* **biting tongue**

Chris said...

It was only $10!