Friday, June 8, 2007

Bodies Are Good Again And Other Things...

I'm feeling so much better today and the problems of the past week seem to have remedied themselves. Thanks for all of the well wishes. Funny how things work themselves out in times of panic. I was down playing my problem a little bit yesterday and it was worrying me more than I shared, but alas, I am well, and all is good in my temple.

Enough mushy stuff...Fun stuff! I got the best present of the year so far in the mail today! Little Pink arrived in the mail and she blew me away. Lisa Snellings-Clark continues to amaze me with her creations. I was imagining something just a little bigger than a little red and slightly more detailed, but nothing like this. It is absolutely amazing. It's my favorite piece of hers that I own next to my Harlequin named Lucient. Here is her picture. As soon as I find a better place to display her, I'll take a better picture. For now, she's cluttered amongst some Buddhas:
I've had the privilege of knowing Carl V. at Stainless Steel Droppings since January of this year and since then I've been introduced to some amazing artists and authors. Carl's a great blogger and shares his passion of the fantastic with other fans out there and has always done a great job of doing so. Well lately, his posts have become even more impressive! Now we're getting interviews with the authors and artists! First it was a wonderful interview with Colleen Gleason and today's Friday Favorites post brings an interview with an amazing artist by the name of Jason Walker. Jason's art put me at a loss for words. His paintings are so lifelike, so much emotion put into the faces of his subjects. His painting remind me of the sculptor Ron Mueck who is known for his lifelike sculptures. Truly inspiring. He's done work recently on a stop-motion short film called Madame Tutli Putli which looks incredible! His job included transposing human eyes over the eyes of a puppet for the film. Wow! Can't wait to see this. You must read Carl's post. It's great.

Charles Vess has posted on the opening of the Stardust Rising exhibition at the William King Regional Arts Center and I'm acting like a big baby and crying about it screaming "I wanna go." It looks amazing. Included is 35 of his original paintings. Some of the new paintings. Neil's original manuscript, a reproduction of Charles' workspace, the original sculpture of Yvaine that will be produced by DC Comics later in the year, and so much more. It looks incredible and I would give anything to be able to go. If I had a little bit of extra money, I would jump on a plane so quick and be there immediately. Pop over to his blog and read up on it. Great post with wonderful pictures!.

Amy Reads has posted a very fun post this week for all of you fanboys and fangirls out there. It's 50 Things I Love About Superhero Comics. Amy's blog is great :) She's always writing about her love of comics, tv, and pop-culture and puts a wonderfully intelligent twist on it. Always a joy to read.

If you STILL haven't bought Colleen Gleason's new book after all of the advertising I've done for it this week, well here's even more reason to do so. Through her blog, she's posted a link to a Border's coupon to get $1 off the book that's only $6.99 to begin with! So go get it already! It's great!

And FINALLY, I read that Sean Connery announced that he will not return to play Indy's dad for Indiana Jones 4. He's just enjoying retirement too much. I read this at This is an awesome site that I visit daily. It started as a Babylon 5 fansite and has now expanded to a Sci-fi/fantasy new site. It has updated news every day along with dvd release news, tv schedules for the day, comic news, magazine news, etc., etc. I suggest adding it to your bookmarks.

Ok, that's all...I promise.


Amy Reads said...

Hi Chris,
Glad you're doing better. *hugs*
And yay fun things! I love to hear about your fun mailings :)

Robin said...

Fun post!! I'm glad you're feeling better. Getting Little Pink would cure anything, I think. Your links are fun...I'm going to spend some time now visiting each one.

Chris said...

Amy, I get entirely too many fun things in the mail. My wallet says "boo"...I say "yay" ;)

Robin, So much fun stuff on the web today! Hope you enjoy visiting everything as much as I did.

DesLily said...

oh man, I'm jealous you have that pink poppet! I love the bunny lol..

really glad you are feeling better.

yeah, that was a great interview Carl did!

oh crap. no sean connery... they had him listed as being in it too. I wonder if it will change the script?? Or if they had 2 scripts.. one with him one without?
that's a bummer, he was good as Indy's dad.

Chris said...


Pictures don't even do the poppet justice! It's great. Love it.

I'm glad to be feeling better too, Thanks!

Carl's been doing some great posts lately huh? I really enjoyed the interview too. I've really been on an art kick lately. I don't have enough room in this little tiny room for all of my stuff.

I'm upset about Sean Connery too. Apparently he was considering it and then changed his mind. He said "if this didn't make me come out of retirement, nothing will." So I guess his acting days are done. That's sad. I've always enjoyed him. The last thing I saw him in was League of Extraordinary Gentleman and that was awful! I was hoping for one last good role!

DesLily said...

Actually, I enjoyed League of Extraordinary Gentlemen lol.. well I'm sure it's because of Connery. It wasn't the "best movie"..maybe it was the story that I liked. But then I liked Harrison Ford's The Mosquito Coast too ..and NO ONE likes that movie LOL.. I know I zoom in on favorite actors and I guess as acting goes I can't see either of them doing a bad acting job. (the movie might not be good, but their characters are always done well)

Dark Orpheus said...

I was a little disappointed when I read that Sean Connery will not be back in Indy 4. But then I heard Cate Blanchett's going to play a villain in the next Indy - and so I feel much better.

Carl V. said...

Wow, big post!

Thanks for the Vess link, I rushed right over, looked longingly at the pics, and left my two cents.

Thanks for the kind words. "Privilege"? "Curse" might be more appropriate. ;)

I, too, got my little pink in the mail yesterday. He? She? is currently occupying bookshelf space with Red and two little red poppets.

I'll forgive you for enjoying League...actually, I'm sure I would have enjoyed it more had I not been such a huge fan of the comics. I was so annoyed with what they did with some of the characters.

I'm not as upset about him not returning. I'd prefer the next Indy movie to just be Jones anyway. I thought the last one was entertaining, but I personally didn't need the two big name stars format. Just give me Indy.

Chris said...

Oh, I LOVED Mosquito Coast Deslily! One of my favorites actually! I liked Connery in League, just disappointed in the movie..I guess I was just expecting better...who knows :p

Dark Orpheus, I love Cate Blanchett, She's one of my favorite actresses out there today. I'm really looking forward to that!

Carl, Isn't that Vess gallery awesome?! what I wouldn't give to be there.

That's right...what I meant to write was "I've been cursed and have had to endure the pain and agony of Carl and his mind numbing blog for 6 long, long months"...thanks for drawing that to my attention :p...but seriously, it has been a privilege :)

Isn't Little Pink amazing? Better than what I was expecting...I let out a big "whoa!" when I saw it. Very cool.

I just couldn't get into League at all...I actually almost walked out of the theater during that movie now that I think about it :/ I was disappointed with it. Indy will still be cool without him...I just love Sean Connery and it would've been nice to see him that one last time.

DesLily said...

Hmmm, well I didn't see League in a theater, being it's so hard for me to get there .. so maybe small screen helped. I also didn't read comics except when young...back then WHEN COMICS WERE 10 WHOLE CENTS most of what was out was Looney Tooms lol.. gawd, that hurt saying that lol..

I can't believe you liked Mosquito Coast! LOL you and I must be the ONLY two... errr, make that 3. Harrison said on Actors Studio that he liked that movie among his favorites and the character he played.

Chris said...

I know at least 3 other people who loved Mosquito Coast they're out there ;)

Bellezza said...

I printed a coupon; thanks for the notification. Now I must get Colleen's sequel, if nothing else to not be left out of the discussions! But, I am looking forward to a new author...

Chris said...

She's great Bellezza...I hope you like it. Everyone does seem to be talking about her these days huh? It's a REALLY good series!

Bookfool said...

Sorry I wasn't here to wish you well, but I'm glad you're feeling better. Little Pink looks really cute. I almost regret getting one, but vacation was expensive, so I'll just be happy with my poppet.

Chris said...

Bookfool, Feeling MUCH better, thanks :D The poppet's great! Still haven't found a permanent place for her, but she's much better than I expected. Really big though. Not very portable. I'll have to take a picture of her next to a little red so you can get a better idea of her size.