Monday, June 4, 2007

Acquiring Strange Things

There's been quite a bit of talk lately of "stuff" going on in blogland. That is...on the acquiring, accumulation, attachment, and worshiping and adoration of stuff. Indeed, the title of this blog is partially taken from my love for "stuff". It's primarily taken from my favorite Shakespeare quote, but also taken from my love of collecting fantasy related things. I certainly have a tendency to be a pack rat at times and attach to things very quickly. My newest love is 4 sheets of paper that I bought for $1 at Michael's yesterday. doesn't take much to make me happy. My one true love is books. That should be no surprise to anyone.

There's something about thumbing through books, looking at books on a shelf, collecting books, smelling the pages of books (and getting very odd looks while doing so), taking photos of books (and once again, getting verry odd looks while doing so), and just having them. I don't think that there's a place in my house where there is not a book within range of the eyes. They're all over the place here. It's gotten to be quite an expensive affair. As one grows attached to stuff, one tends to discover the sub-genres of said stuff. For me, it's the small presses (such as Subterranean) that offer the more expensive "limited" editions of books. Of course these are embellished, or signed, or numbered, or have really cool artwork, and you dish out the money for them. But as an avid book lover, I don't mind spending a little bit more.

I've come to be the same way with art over the years. I've collected anything that catches the eye be it small sculptures from garage sales, papers, prints, notebooks, journals, frames, just about anything, and this love has kind of spilled over into books as well.

Carl and Literacy-Chic have both written interesting posts recently on their take on Stuff and I highly recommend that you read them. Good stuff there (no pun intended).

What sparked my decision to write this post was a text message from my sister that was truly bizarre...It read: "Do u want a gold plated vintage ant farm?" To which I replied "Uh sure..Whatever that is I'll take it." I never turn down more stuff ;)

Everyone seems to be enjoying the paper that I bought yesterday and due to Quixotical's excellent online hunting skills, I now know that the paper is made by a company called Die Cuts With a View. Click the name to be taken to their website. You can't order from their website, but their paper is sold in most craft stores and if you do a Yahoo or Google search you can find online retailers that carry their stuff. I love their Once Upon a Time and Far East lines of paper. Really cool stuff. I think I'm going to have to buy some and possibly take Quix's idea of making bookmarks!


Stephanie said...

It's so funny you posted this!! I was at Michael's last weekend ( door to B&N!) and the Once Upon a Time paper jumped out at me!! Probably the challenge, but also because it was so cool!! I really need a laminator. I would love to make my own book marks!!

Maybe I'll pick some up tomorrow or the next day. Since Colleen's book is coming out, I thought I would pick it up this week!

I need more STUFF! With the money situation, I have been limiting stuff to things the kids need. Stuff for me is few and far between these days....but I WILL get Colleen's book! And I REALLY want a little pink poppet!

Chris said...

Isn't that paper cool! I never go in that store either. I just happened to be in there looking for frames. Twist of fate I guess :)

I'll be in B&N tomorrow picking up Colleen's book. I'll probably have sunglasses on and a hat since me (a guy) has to go into the dreaded romance section and then go to the counter and purchase a book with a shirtless muscular guy on the cover...sheesh. The things I do for a good read.

I went ahead and treated myself to a little pink should do the same ;) But hey, the kids need stuff too, I guess...Need to instill that need for stuff at an early age, lol.

Quixotic said...

I'm a packrat too. Especially where books are concerned...buying multiple editions of the same text...etc. Statues etc are another thing...and I of course have an obsession with craft stuff and pretty paper/pens.

It really does make moving hell...but it is worth it in the end.

Great pics!

Carl V. said...

Great pictures!!! Isn't Wolves in the Walls a wonderful book? I pulled that one out again the other day to read.

You're not alone in the smelling of books department...I do that all the time, even in bookstores. It is part of the process of the addiction!!!

Can't wait to see what a gold plated ant farm is!!!

Chris said...

It does make moving a pain in the butt Quix, but it's kind of fun to unpack at the same time and see every little thing that you own :) Kind of fun and just a little depressing :/ I really do own entirely too much stuff.

Carl, I LOVE Wolves in the Walls. Story's great and of course I love the illustrations. I would've loved to see his production of the play but of course it came no where near here. Oh well. I can't wait to see what a gold plated ant farm is either!

DesLily said...

you are a bad influence on me Chris! sheesh... ok so.. i did a post on "stuff" too.. mainly because of your post..

our stuff is important!
and to be enjoyed over and over..thank goodness!

Chris said...

Heading over there now Deslily ;) Gotta love stuff :)

Michelle said...

Here's the link to the ant farm. We have to share because it looks like fun!

Carl V. said...

oooo...a mail-in coupon for live ants! cool....

Chris said...

lol...trying to figure out how that works exactly...hmmm