Monday, May 7, 2007

So Begins The Last Week Of School

Not only is this the last week of school, but it's my last week as a student. I have very mixed emotions about this. A part of me is so relieved that it's over and ready to move into the workforce, but another part of me wants to remain a student.

My graduate student experience has been chaotic to say the least. It started with Katrina. Since then, everything has been up in the air and constantly changing. But I made it through, and it will make that degree mean that much more to me. I've made a couple of really close friends and one in particular who I'm sure I'll continue to keep in touch with. I've learned tons! I feel like I've learned more in these past two years than I have in any other schooling. I've learned more in the practical counseling actually works. And I've really enjoyed it despite the huge amounts of stress and the having to fight for everything. The faculty hasn't been a huge help to me, nor has the administration which is unfortunate. I've learned the most from my supervisor at the hospital where I've been doing my internship.

Now it's time to find a job. I've sent out a few resumes, but haven't heard anything back yet. I'll just sit and wait for now. I'll start going at it full force after Mexico. Get in a little bit of R&R and then play hardball.

Plans for the rest of the week: Today I have my last clinic class, tomorrow is my ethics final, Wednesday and Thursday are internship days, and Friday is my birthday :) Then it's all over! A week off and graduation on May 19th. It's very surreal that I will have a Masters in a little over a week. Strange...

I'm sure this isn't the end of school for me though. I can definitely see myself going back for the PhD. If there were a degree above that, I'd get that too....well I guess I could go for an MD, but that's definitely NOT going to happen.


DesLily said...

wow! Congrats on graduation! And an early Happy Birthday!!

Do as much education as you can! (can't hurt... might help!) It's a good thing when ones brain can keep learning..and it learns best while you are young!

Carl V. said...

Congrats on finishing up, at least this leg of the journey! I wish you well in your job hunt and in deciding when/if to go back to school. Hope you have a great, celebratory weekend planned!

Nymeth said...

Congratulations on graduating!

I can totally understand the mixed emotions thing.

Chris said...

Deslily, Thanks on both accounts :) One could say I'm slightly addicted to education...I'm always looking to learn something.

Carl, Thanks a bunch! No huge plans for the weekend, but there will definitely be some celebrating ;)

Nymeth, Thanks! I'm taking it you're in the same boat?

Nymeth said...

I was two years ago, when I found myself in the last year of my psychology degree. But to cut a long story short, I had been realizing over the years that psychology, much as I respect it, just wasn't what I wanted to devote my life to, and I ended up making the difficult decision of going back to university for an English degree.

The process is different, obviously, but making that decision really made me weight the pros and cons of being a student, and as much as I want my life to move on to the next stage, I enjoy learning enormously, and there are many things I'll miss about university when I'm finally done with it.

Bookfool said...

Very cool. Congrats on the impending graduation and Happy Birthday a bit early!!

Chris said...

Thanks bookfool :D