Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Getting Settled Back In

Today's been a day of playing catch-up...settling back in to normal life. I think I've about caught up on everyone's blogs. If I haven't, I'm getting there, I promise. Lord, you people write too much! :)

Lets see. I've gotten most of my thank you notes done today and mailed off which feels good. I hate that feeling of things left unfinished. Vice-versa, I love the feeling of checking things off of a list, so...check!

Had to go to the post office to get some stamps and while I was there I got a sheet of the oh-so-cool Star Wars stamps. I'm in love! If you haven't bought a sheet yet, I highly recommend that you go get some while they're available. They're every geek's dream.

While at the coffee shop writing thank you notes, I also decided to start on my Tiny Story for Carl's contest. This is going to be fun, but much more challenging than I thought. I have the idea. I've got the first line and the last line written and just those two lines constitute 20 words of the 100 word story. I'm in trouble. I would love to share it with everyone when I'm done, but I realized that I can't because one of the judges is Colleen Gleason and she occasionally stops by over here. Oh well..when the contest is over!

Speaking of Colleen, just a reminder to everyone that the new book, Rises the Night, comes out on June 5th! Very soon. I'm so excited about that one and it looks like there's going to be yet another "bonus read" added to the Once Upon a Time Challenge. I really need to start plowing through A Game of Thrones. I've barely read any of it. Maybe 130 pages on the plane. I got no reading done at all during vacation. At this rate I'll never finish the challenge. I'm loving what I've read of it so far though. Favorite character so far is Jon. We'll see if he remains a favorite. I'm enjoying Martin's writing a lot more than I thought I would.

One last thing. Nattie is a blogger who is hosting the Newberry Challenge. She's such a sweet person and before I went on vacation she was complaining of feeling bad. When I got back I was catching up on her blog and saw that she was diagnosed with cancer and is now undergoing chemotherapy. Please keep her in your thoughts. She's an amazingly strong person with an awe inspiring attitude and I wish her all the best.


DesLily said...

thank you for considering me one of your "catch ups!" lol..

Good to hear you got your hands on the SW stamps.. I hope I can too but getting out of this house is not easy.

I am about 2/3 through the second Fablehaven book.. that Seth is something else LOL..

Good luck on the "tiny story" getting exactly 100 words and no duplicates is not easy, no matter what Carl says! lol..

Chris said...

Of course you're a catch up DesLily :). I missed your blog.

I think you can order the SW stamps online.

Seth frustrates me! He gets into so much trouble. I feel like bopping that kid on the head sometimes!

Yeah, the tiny story is definitely a challenge. Carl, Carl, Carl, what the hell did you get us into :p

Carl V. said...

Those SW stamps are great!

Glad you're settling back in.

I have a new book giveaway opportunity in today's interview post, btw.

Also, got word that the Endicott stuff was sent out yesterday, so it won't be long now!!!

Quixotic said...

No SW stamps here in the UK, of course...:(

And yeah...Tiny Story...pfeh, I'm having issues...

Also v.excited about Rises the Night!

Chris said...

Carl, Yay for more book giveaways! and even more yays for Endicott stuff!! :D

Quix, that sucks :( Can you order them from the usps website and have them shipped to you?

Tiny stories...heh...just kidding Carl :p I'm still loving the idea...just very challenging :)

I'm excited about Rises the Night too. Boy was this series a surprise to me. I really expected to hate it. I was honestly expecting a trashy romance...some kind of chick lit. :p

Colleen Gleason said...

So if I promise to hide my eyes will you post some of your Tiny Story? ;-)

I'm so gratified that you liked REST. I think you'll find RISES even darker and grittier.

And...for some reason, I missed the fact that you're a Taurus too. When's the bday?

Chris said...

Hehe, my birthday's May 11th...whens yours again? I know I just told you happy birthday...

I can't wait for Rises the Night! I'll be picking up my copy on the 5th. Darker + Grittier = Better in my book ;)

Carl V. said...

Hey, gotta get you guys to do a little brain work once in awhile! ;)

Chris said...

This brain needs all the work it can get Carl!