Tuesday, May 15, 2007

8 Things About Me Meme

I was tagged by both Stephanie AND Jenclair, so here it is:

I wanted to take this meme as an opportunity to let my blogger friends get to know me more on the level that my “in person” friends know me…so here’s some of the personal stuff:

We’ll start off with the shocker:

  1. I was kicked out of my high school for using drugs. Yes, this is a shocker to everyone who knows me because of how much I’ve changed since high school. I think that getting kicked out of high school is the best thing that ever happened to me. Why, you might ask? It changed my life. It is the moment in my life where I stepped aside and looked at myself and saw that my life was heading nowhere and needed to change. That day led me on my path to becoming a counselor working with other adolescents who are going through problems and I have been drug free for 9 years now!
  1. I used to be a goth kid. In certain ways I still am. Deep down inside I still hold vampire novels and certain musical bands close to my heart. I just don’t wear all black like I used to. But boy oh boy, I used to wear all black, eye liner, long hair, everything. I was never the depressed goth. I’ve had depression, but I’ve always been happy go-lucky Chris.
  1. I love Asian art and Asian culture. I love the music, I love the art, painting, brush work, tea ceremonies, anime, jrock, movies, all of that stuff. I think that they just have a fascinating culture and I’d love to do an Asian tour one of these days.
  1. On a similar note, I collect Buddha statues and Hindu god and goddess statues. I don’t think that Katrina took any of those. I have a nice little collection, and I’m always keeping my eyes open for them. One of my teachers was from India and she gave me an antique lamp (the genie kind) with a little Ganesh in the middle of it. It’s my favorite piece.
  1. There’s another one! Katrina took away a lot of stuff. I live in Metairie, Louisiana which is a suburb of New Orleans. Katrina brought us 4 feet of water into our house, took all of my stuff, shipped my girlfriend off to Texas and we are now broken up after a 5 year relationship. We’re still friends though and she will be going to Mexico with me a week from today. I’m really looking forward to that!
  1. I have Grave’s Disease. Sounds bad, doesn’t it? It’s really not all that bad. It’s hyperthyroidism. What’s strange is that it’s normally found in women over forty and was first found in me at the age of 19. My doctor said it was the first time he had ever heard of a male under the age of 20 having Grave’s. Strange, huh?
  1. I’ll have a Master’s degree on Saturday!

8. I buy too many books, I smoke even though I know it’s a bad habit, and I get horrible migraines every 4-5 days....wonder if there’s some weird connection between those 3…..

I don’t know who’s been tagged and who hasn’t, so if you’d like to answer this one, go ahead. I’d love to read your answers!!


DesLily said...

you deserve another book shopping spree for getting off of drugs! That sure couldn't have been easy. And now you help others.. all I can say is .. wow.

Chris said...

You are a much more interesting person than I am! Great answers. And congrats on being drug free for 9 yrs.

jenclair said...

Wow, Chris! Interesting answers! Love the way you turned your life around. I love Asian art and movies, too. Netflix helps with the movies, and I have no problem with subtitles.

:) I taught a lot of Goths, and maybe it was just luck of the draw, but most of the ones I taught had bubbly personalties under the black clothes and drama and were usually highly creative.

I have Hashimoto's thryroid disease (another heavy name for hypothyroidism): just found out a month ago and went for more blood work yesterday to see how the medication is working.

Hope you have a great time in Mexico and thanks for playing!

Bookfool said...

Wow, that was fun! Yep, the first one surprised me. I wouldn't say it shocked me, but it was unexpected. I have a friend who quit doing drugs because she saw Jesus in her alarm clock. No matter how many times she bashed it, he just wouldn't go away. LOL

Congrats on not only being drug free, but also turning your experience into a way to help people. I'm impressed.

Unfortunately, I've only known one person who "went Goth" and she was extremely creative, talented and bright but she went into a horrible, depressive spiral after becoming the victim of a trauma and she took her own life. She was only 14. I think that's one reason I love reading about what you do. It's nice to know there's someone who is really making a difference in the lives of people like my friend's daughter.

Nymeth said...

I'll add my wow and admiration to everyone else's.

I went through a goth phase in highschool as well. Anne Rice was my first favourite author, and I was obsessed with vampire lore for a while. Now, well, I still love bands like The Cure, but I wear a lot more than just black, and, like with you, constant depression doesn't agree with me at all.

I've always wanted to go to Mexico. Have fun on your trip!

Quixotic said...

Thanks for sharing all that, Chris!

Firstly - well done for turning your life around. You've obviously made a fantastic go of it.

I also love Asian art etc. My knowledge of the music is somewhat limited, but someone sent me the album Shoso Strip by Shiina Ringo a few years ago, LOVE that. I love Japanese folding papers for use in papercraft. I also love Japanese movies.

I answered this one over on my blog too!

Chris said...

Deslily, Well thanks! It wasn't hard at all. Just had to change my mindset.

Thanks Chris, Nice name ;)

Jenclair, I really need to join Netflix. Sounds like a great thing. Subtitles are no problem here either. I hate dubs. They're horrible! I agree, most goths aren't really all that sad, they just pretend to be ;)

Bookfool, Jesus in the alarm clock...now that's a new one! That's so sad about the girl who took her life. I see many people like that who attempted suicide but didn't succeed (thankfully) at the hospital. There's so much trauma in these kids' backgrounds these days. I don't know what's going on. I just wish society would open it's eyes to what they're doing to our youth!

Nymeth, hehehe, Ah, Anne Rice, I used to love her Vampire Chronicles and I think I'm going to revisit The Witching Hour for the R.I.P. Challenge this year. The Cure is one of my all time favorite bands! I could listen to Disintegration on repeat all day!

Thanks Quix! You do some cool stuff with paper! I remember seeing some bookmarks on your page. I've heard Shiina Ringo, but don't really remember them. Heading over to read your answers now! :D

Carl V. said...

Congrats on your Master's!!!

Great answers, thanks for being so candid. It is cool and inspirational how you turned your life around. You will be a credit to the profession, no doubt about it.

I jokingly say I must have been a goth in a past life. I love the imagery and texture of the goth scene. I'm not a depressed person, at all. In fact when I get feeling a bit melancholy in the fall I love it and revel in it. (Weird? Yes!). There are certain goth groups that I like, I read Gothic Beauty magazine on a fairly regular basis...I guess liking Gaiman's stuff sort of opened my eyes to this subculture and I enjoy it in a poseur sort of fashion. Comics like Lenore, Squee, Gloomcookie, Courtney Crumrin...all things that the Hot Topic goth wannabees like are things that I started liking long before I knew they were goth-popular. There is alot of dark...or maybe quasi-dark...stuff that I really enjoy.

Chris said...

Same here Carl. I was always one who dressed the part and played the part, but was never truly depressed at heart. I'm just a big old dork when it comes down to it :) And I'm fine with that!

Bookfool said...


Yeah, don't you love that alarm clock story? When my friend told me, I was a little speechless. ;)

Oh, yes, I think kids have an awful lot to deal with. Just being 14 is hard enough.

Chris said...

Your right bookfool. It's so easy to forget how hard 14 is. But boy was that a rough age! Lots going on at that age.

Bellezza said...

Chris, that is an absolutely fascinating post. I'm touched that you were that revelatory about your life because it helps us to get to know you better; I'm so impressed by the strength you display in overcoming potential disasters (more powerful, if possible, than Katrina). I have a deep respect for you, thought of course we haven't met in person, because I see a deeply caring person of character within you. I'm so glad that you are working with adolescents, and your background gives you a platform on which to truly address their issues and needs. That, combined with your heart, will make you a powerful source in their lives. Wiat a few years, until they come back to you and say, "Wow, you changed my life." That's what keeps us working with kids, I think. Anyway, I really, really enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for being so open.

Chris said...

Thanks Bellezza. That's exactly what I did. Went back after a few years and said "Thanks". That's what led me to be a counselor. Now to find a job....

Stephanie said...

I haven't had a chance to jump over here for a few days so I could comment on this. As I think I said before, you are so my brother!!

Good for you on the drug thing. One thing I do know about myself is that I would be an addict if I did it. Just the way I am. So I stay away.

I think I was goth before it actually called that!! At my high school prom, every girl there was in white, pink or yellow. Something about pastels. I was in black...and it was SO COOL! I was looking at pictures of it the other day!! I love the music!! I was never a sad goth though!

Don't even get me started with the thyroid thing!!

Chris said...

Yeah Stephanie, maybe we should have genetic tests done....we may have been seperated at birth :D

Carl V. said...


Chris said...

Carl, I think you just sparked an idea for a wonderful store! Imagine the possibilities!

Carl V. said...

You need to pick up this month's issue of Geek magazine...you'll love it. But wait, you actually have a chance to win it in my Star Wars giveaway next week!!!

Chris said...

I looked for Geek Monthly at B&N the other night and I couldn't find it! I'm going to be in Mexico next week and sadly will be missing the Star Wars giveaway :(