Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Working With Adults And A Couple Of New Books

I got to work on the adult psychiatric unit for a little while today and it was a pretty good experience. I find that working with adults is very different from working with adolescents. It's easier to talk with most adults on the psychiatric unit. Most of them are there because they want the help whereas the adolescents are there because their parents, the hospital, or the law made them go. I found it more rewarding in an immediate sort of way with the adults. I can actually do therapeutic work with them and see their interest and their desire to change. I can see their hurt, their pain, their addictions, their feelings of loss. With adolescents, alot of that is hidden by anger. Adolescents are rewarding as well, but certainly not immediately. It's rewarding to see how they come in and (hopefully) how much better they've gotten when it's time for them to leave. It was quite a good experience over there, though I must say that I was happy to get back to my adolescents. I just have fun with those guys and gals.

Got two new books in the mail today! Always a great thing to see in the mailbox. The first was a book that I bought so that I could understand childhood trauma a little bit better. We see alot of trauma on our unit. The book is called Too Scared To Cry and is written by Lenore Terr. It's a really great book and a big eye opener to trauma. The basis of the book is from a mass kidnapping in the 70's. 26 children were kidnapped and buried alive and they all survived. Lenore Terr interviewed them and examined how that affected the rest of their lives. She also examines other forms of trauma such as emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

The other book that I got was Colleen Gleason's The Rest Falls Away and I'm really excited about this one. It came signed to me with a few bookmarks for her next book. It's been called a Jane Austen meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer kind of book. It's a romance with vampires. How cool is that? She's still giving away a few more copies on her blog up until April 15th. That's how I won mine. Check it out.

Sleepiness is winning over the gym tonight. There's seems to be just no energy left in my body. So I'll play in blogland for a little while and then just kick back and watch some tv for a little while. Sounds like a plan.


Bookfool said...

I remember that kidnapping. Have you read the book, before? It sounds fascinating.

A two-book mail day is always a good one. :)

Chris said...

Haven't read the book yet, but it was highly recommended by one of the trauma specialists at our hospital. Looking forward to it.

My postman must hate me. I get packages of books almost every day here :p

Quixotic said...

That book sounds fascinating.

Colleen Gleason's book is super-fun. You'll like it, I'm sure.

My postman isn't overly fond of us either. *grin* I do most of my shopping online, so it isn't just books but craft stuff and other bits. Muahahahah!

Carl V. said...

Always fun to get books in the mail.

I've worked with children, adolescents, and adults over the years and I agree, working with adults is much, much easier.

Dearbhla said...

I read The Rest Falls Away a few weeks ago. Great fun, hope you enjoy. The other one sounds interesting. Not fun, but interesting.

Bookfool said...

I'll look forward to reading your review when you get to the trauma book, then, thanks.

My postman brings books frequently, too, but he's a sweetheart. I can hear him coming because the mail truck makes a distinctive braking noise when it stops. So, I often just go out to meet him and he waves when we drive past each other. That's one of the benefits of small-town life, I guess!

Chris said...

Quix, Colleen's book is next up on my shelf. Looking forward to it. I tend to have more than just books shipped to me as well. I can be an ebay junkie at times ;)

Carl, Working with adults is definitely easier, but there's just something about the kids that I just missed. It was good to be back with them today.

dearbhla, Thanks for stopping by! I'm looking forward to Colleen's book. I've heard nothing but good stuff about it! Can't wait.

Bookfool, I know that braking sound all too well myself ;) I knew my old postman by name, but we moved, so now I'm starting from scratch again.