Saturday, April 14, 2007

What A Nice Friday!

Today was one of those all together just great days. I don't get to say that often, and I feel that I really needed a day and night like this. I'm tired as hell now, but I'll stay up long enough to write this.

Started the morning by getting some coffee on the way to a meeting at school about the RSA grant that pays for school. Kinda boring, but nice to hear all the different options available to me after I graduate in a month.

That was followed by lunch at Serrano's with some friends and a trip to Target where I bought a bunch of crap including a toy for Buddy (the dog) that is just too cool. It's a plush shrimp sushi toy that squeaks!

Came home and finished Hart's Hope and started The Rest Falls Away. Great reading so far today! Tried to take a nap but that just didn't work.

Just got home from the casino with some friends and I actually won $12. That's a big deal for me. I don't even break even normally. Casino was followed by IHOP which was surprisingly good tonight.

And through it all, we had gorgeous, breezy weather that isn't going to stick around.

Needless to say, no internship today...ahhh...I'm rejuvenated....

Now I shall continue to read The Rest Falls Away until I fall away into sleep. Tomorrow resumes normal life with an 8 hour shift.


Bookfool said...

I'm glad you had a terrific day. Wasn't the weather incredible? I was pretty much outside all day, yesterday, because I couldn't bear to stay indoors. Hope you have a great weekend!

Chris said...

Thanks bookfool, you have a great one too!

Carl V. said...

Glad you had a good Friday. Hope the rest of your weekend is enjoyable and full of good reading.

Chris said...

Thanks Carl, same to you!