Thursday, April 19, 2007

Take Me Out

To the ball game that is. I had too much fun tonight. I went with Chris and Angela to see the Zephyrs play. The Zephyrs are our Triple A baseball team who play for the Mets. We won 7-6 which made the game that much better. Despite the highly annoying children sitting next to us, it was still a great time. You'd think that working with children in a psychiatric hospital I could handle kids anywhere, but I'll take my patients any day over screaming kids at baseball games...though I forget I was once a kid at baseball games as well. They definitely made me watch my mouth, which was a good thing. I tend to scream obscenities uncontrollably at functions like this :/

The weather was perfect tonight. Couldn't have asked for better. The food was quite impressive. I was expecting to have a hot dog, some nachos, and a few beers. I had the few beers (it was dollar beer night), but instead of a hot dog I had Chicago style bratwurst with sauerkraut. Followed that up 4 innings later with a BBQ brisket sandwich and some banana split dippin dots. Talk about your designer baseball food!

I love doing stuff like this. I used to go to Zephyrs games fairly often quite a few years ago, and I'd like to get back to it. Baseball is one of those sports that I can't stand to watch on tv, but love to go to the games. Good times...a nice change from the normal Thursday.

Now if only I didn't have to work tomorrow...

I swear I'll finish Slaughterhouse-Five tomorrow and review it. It's taking me entirely too long to read a 215 pg book!


Bookfool said...

This is a great time to be going to a baseball game, with the terrific weather. Glad you had fun! I can relate to the screaming kiddies. I made mine control themselves, though. ;)

I'm a book slug, this week, too. Can't slog through even the short ones. Blame the weather. I saw bluebirds, a hawk, a cool vanilla-colored caterpillar in a hurry . . . all sorts of wonderful things in the park, today. Heaven!

Chris said...

Where are parents like you when we need them! Ooh, fun park creatures. I've been seeing an abundance of blue jays over here recently. They're such pretty birds. I've seen a hawk or two as well. Vanilla caterpillars sound cool! Pictures? ;)

Bookfool said...

LOL! I think those parents are off walking around with the kids, catching balls or telling them what's going on. You don't see them because their kids don't drive you nuts. :)

I did go back to the park (didn't have a camera with me when I walked, but I paid attention) and dragged the youngster with me. He wanted me to drop him off at home and I said, "No, you love the park; you're a nature freak." He wailed at me a little but then he saw some butterflies and snatched my camera. Then, a bluebird flew over our heads and landed on a monument just as we were about to give up (I saw the bluebirds dive inside a cannon, while walking, so I figured they were nesting there and that's where we went, first) - I'll post a photo of him, later. It was such fun. All parents should take their kids on nature walks; even teenagers can get caught up in the joy of nature. Mine was enraptured. It was so cool.

Oh, yes, bluejays are gorgeous!! We have one hanging around our house and he's on my goal list of critters to photograph up close. He's a chicken, though; I think I need to get some camouflage and sneak up on him. ;)

Quixotic said...

Sounds like a great night out! Nice to do things that make a change. I don't do it often enough (have a fun night out that is).

Chris said...

Quix, you know I don't do enough stuff like this either. My life is so routine. Work during the day, lay in bed and read books all night. Works for me, but I like that change every now and then.