Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday's Here Again

Monday's here again already and it's kicking my ass. I feel very blah today, just sort of cranky. Not really sick, but not really well. Just sort of flat. A comment this morning made me sort of angry and I found that I just couldn't let it go. Then I started thinking that it wasn't necessarily meant the way that I took it. It's funny how it's so easy to give my client's advice on how to better handle situations, yet I can't take my own advice. Makes me have a lot more respect for the changes that my client's make and the effort that they put in.

I need a job badly as well. I've applied for a job with a nationwide organization but they came back saying that my salary demands were too I lowered them. We'll see what happens. My demands weren't all that high, but I guess in this field, they need to be lower. I was aiming above what I thought I'd get. I really want to work with children and adolescents, but the only place in Louisiana to work with that population in a psychiatric setting is in private practice or the hospital I'm at. Can't do private practice yet because I don't have my licensure, and the hospital I'm at offered me a job at $15/hour with no benefits. That's not going to work for me. I need health insurance. So I'm looking in other areas of the country. Any job advice and/or leads anyone?

And now it's almost time for 5 grueling hours of school. I just have to keep reminding myself that there's only a month left until graduation. Something good has to happen today! I'll continue to wait for it...


Quixotic said...

I didn't have a great Monday either - on Sunday I fell into the black hole I mentioned in the "Dark places" thread on Poppet Planet. Clambering back out of it...with the help of DVDs and family.

Good luck with the job stuff. :)

Chris said...

Thanks! I'm sorry you had a bad day as well :( I wish you all the best in getting back to you! DVD's and family always help :)