Wednesday, April 4, 2007

An Awakening of Sorts

Oh my Ford! (I'm reading Brave New World) What a day today was! No this is not some deep, meaningful post about a spiritual awakening. It's more like I awakened to the fact today that I do indeed work in a psychiatric hospital.

I usually have no problems at the hospital. I love my job and I love the clients that I work with. But boy did we have some serious behavior problems today. Without going into detail, 3 codes (psyc emergencies) were called today. All resulted in biting, kicking, etc. and one of the psyc techs ended up with a black eye and a bloody finger. I feel like a wet towel that's been wrung out. Also did a family session where I got chewed out for being an intern. Now I can kind of understand the parent's worries. I'm not a licensed therapist yet, I'm an intern and while I may be a month away from finishing my training, I'm still not done yet. But I think I knew what I was talking about. Anyway, that doesn't matter because I brought in one of the "real" therapists to finish out the session.

So I'm still trying to make myself go to the gym. That's been the plan all along, and I'm going to stick with it, it's just a matter of when that motivation will kick in. I plan on buying protein powder and Flax seed meal soon. I was watching Workout last night and one of the trainers gave the recipe for a mixed berry protein shake that you can drink in the morning for energy and just for health all around. I found a site where I typed in my weight and saw that I should have between 64-119 grams of protein daily. I'd be surprised if I'm having 10 grams a day right now. So I'm going to try to boost that up. It's supposed to help in losing weight.

Ok, back to Brave New World.


Bookfool said...


Sorry you had a rough day.

Chris said...

Aww...thanks Bookfool :D It was just a very weird day. Hopefully tomorrow's better!