Saturday, April 7, 2007

Are You Sure It's Not Christmas Eve?

This weather is really throwing my brain for a loop. It was sleeting today! Sleeting in April in New Orleans! What's going on? It wasn't this cold for Christmas. I'm loving it though. I love cold weather. I'd take it any day over the heat.

Tomorrow should be a nice, quiet Easter. I don't plan on doing much. My plans are to sleep late, get some good reading in, have a couple of cups of coffee, and then cross the street and visit with Grandma and the family. I'm looking forward to it. Holiday's are always so hectic, and tomorrow will be a very welcomed change.

As for tonight, I plan on curling up with Brave New World and wrapping up that one with a nice cup of tea. The tea for the night will be Bigelow's Constant Comment. It's my favorite. It's a very nice mixture of orange rind, cloves, cinnamon, and all kinds of other warm spices. You can find it at almost any supermarket. I love Bigelow's teas. Lemon Lift is another one of my favorites of theirs.

And now that Quixotical has shown me what exactly a tea biscuit is (no they're not big and flaky), I'll have to find some of those soon. I'm guessing World Market will be a good place to look. We need a tea shop in New Orleans. I was never all that big on tea until I met Megan and she got me into it. Very relaxing drink. Nothing calms one down like a cup-o-tea.

Hope everyone else out there in blogland has a wonderful Easter and as much candy as their hearts desire.


Too Hotty said...

You're going to have to tell me how Brave New World is because I'm having a hard time deciding whether I want to pick it up without input beyond the Amazon reviews.

And also, I want to support you on the Bigelow front. I personally get my tea from, but I've never been disappointed with Bigelow when it comes across the counter.

Chris said...

I can tell you now that Brave New World is excellent! I only have about 20 pages left. Love it. I'll have to check out adagio. Thanks for the lead!

Carl V. said...

Happy Easter to you.

Love that cover for Brave New World!

Chris said...

Happy Easter to you too, Carl. I loved the cover too. Even though it was the most expensive edition, I had to buy it.

Bookfool said...

Happy Easter, Chris!

I love Constant Comment and Plantation Mint. Mmmm. Sleeting?!!! Wow, that's just freaky!

Chris said...

Mmm, plantation mint. I'll have to try that!

Literacy-chic said...

I don't need to chime in on teas. You've seen and sampled my store! Happy Easter!

Valorie said...


Glad you and your friends are loving Bigelow Teas!

Come over to our blog to check out more about bigelow and tea.


Valorie for Bigelow Tea

Chris said...

How cool! Thanks for stopping by Valerie. I didn't even know there was a bigelow tea blog!

Chris said...

N, I love the selection of tea available at your house :) And the over abundance of mugs!

Amy Reads said...

I have that coffee mug!

Chris said...'s a great one! my ex-girlfriend gave it to me for christams.