Sunday, March 4, 2007

Widgets and such

So lately I've been enjoying all of these little online widgets and things. Not really sure what half of them are though.

My newest is I'm not entirely sure what this is though or what the purpose of it is. Whatever it is, you can view mine here. From what I understand, you can also add my blog to your by clicking the new little widget at the bottom of my sidebar. Would someone like to explain to me what this is? I know that you can share your with others, but I'm not entirely sure how or why one would want to do this. There has to be something cool about it. Whatever it its, it's a widget, and I should have it.

Another new widget that has been added to the page is this cool little thing that you can also see on the sidebar that shows what cities people are from that visit your page. And you get a picture of the country's flag next to the city. If you click on mine, you can get your own. neat-o.

Next up is Forecast Fox from Mozilla. You have to use Firefox as your browser to use this, but it gives you the temperature and forecast for your area for the next 3 days and has been very useful to me when getting dressed in the mornings.

I've become a big fan of Live Bookmarks...You can subscribe to individual web pages as long as they use the service. The webpage is stored in your bookmarks folder and each site is further broken down into individual and updated posts for blogs or websites that publish news. How convenient! Very easy to subscribe to a page. If live bookmarks can be used for the page you are visiting, a little button pops up on the far right of the address window when you're at the page. Just click it and you are subscribed to posts.

I also have Vista on it's way to me in the mail which has all kinds of new widgets that come with it that sit on your desktop. I wasn't really sure that I wanted Vista, but I figured I'll try it out. It looks cool. I get it for free since I bought this computer in November. Should be here in about 4-6 weeks. Just nervous about it because I'm so used to XP, but I shall adjust and stay up with the times.

What is it about widgets that are so appealing? I guess that it's just become the age of information, and anyway to get any new info just automatically appeals to everyone.

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Literacy-chic said...

You're in my Live Bookmarks! ;)

Chris said...

As are you in mine ;)