Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Musings and Most Anticipated Cover of the year

Here it is folks - the cover for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been released. I like it, very orange. This picture is the dustjacket laid out without the words on it. I just can't wait for this book to come out!

Today was a fairly productive day. I sort of flew solo at the hospital today which felt good. I feel like I've become much more capable and competent in the counseling profession. I've found that counseling skills definitely grow over time. I know I have a lot further to grow, but at least I'm moving.

Went to the gym again today which felt great, though somewhat exhausting after the work day. The show Workout on Bravo! always brings out that urge in me to get to the gym. And that urge couldn't come at a better time with the Mexico trip coming up soon. Great show by the way, very interesting people.

And finally, there's been a new addition to the blogroll. It is Jenclair's blog, A Garden Carried in the Pocket. Her's is a blog that I've visited for awhile and realized that it deserves to be a regular. She always has wonderful things to say about books and just life in general...and she's a fellow Louisianian! And spellcheck actually didn't try to correct Louisianian. What can I say, I'm smart.


Jessica said...

smart ... not so sure ... lol ... way to go on the gym man ... i bought myself a cute gym outfit today and look hot in it lol

Chris said...

lol...only you would buy cute gym outfits.

Carl V. said...

JenClair is great...very good addition to your blog roll.

That is a great cover image. Who is the artist?

Chris said...

I don't know the artist's name...isn't that sad. It's the same artist that has done all of the other covers...Ah! A quick google search shows the artist to be Mary GrandPre. I don't think I've seen anything else by her...I'll have to check her out.

JenClair's blog is great. I've been enjoying it.

Pamela said...

Work out had just started when I lost all that weight last year, and now I'm watching it and getting mad at myself for dropping the ball and gaining most of the weight back.

I've noticed in the past week everyone is dieting again and going to the gym. I hope some of everyone elses self control rubs off on me.

Chris said...

Pamela - Yeah, I'm still trying to stick to the gym plan, but it's getting harder to go everyday. Eventually, I will have to be pushed there in a wheel barrel.

jenclair said...

Thanks for the kind words, Chris!