Thursday, March 1, 2007

For Dave McKean Fans

Now that I think about it, if you're a Dave McKean fan, you probably know about these, but if not, you may find your new favorite artist.

The first is Dustcovers. I just got this in the mail today and it is a wonderful book. It is a collection of all of the Sandman covers that Dave has done for Neil Gaiman's masterpiece comic series. Along with his covers, the book also collects some other illustrations, sketches, and an extra little short collaboration by the duo. Each picture has commentary from both Neil and Dave. I would say it's a must have for any Sandman, Gaiman, and/or McKean fan.

The second is another great collaboration of Gaiman and McKean's. It is entitled The Alchemy of Mirrormask. It's another great art book collecting Dave's art for the film Mirrormask. It has early sketches, paintings, sculptures, etc. along with original ideas and brainstorming for the film from both McKean and Gaiman. It would make an excellent coffee table book if you're brave enough to put it there (I tend to be slightly protective of my books). It's an amazing book that brings you from the beginning to the end of the production of Mirrormask and has all kinds of treats in between. Highly recommended.

Finally, Subterranean announced a new title by author Gordon Dahlquist entitled Glass Books of the Dream Eaters, which is a victorian-era novel from what I get with wonderful cover art by McKean. This one may be worth it for the cover. The novel sounds interesting as well.

That's all I've got for now.

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Carl V. said...

I have heard of the Glass Eaters book for awhile now, the cover looks great.

Glad you enjoyed the Dustcovers book. McKean is amazing. He needs a real good, proper art book.