Friday, March 30, 2007

Feeling Good on a Friday and Web Wanderings

So in yesterday's post, I vented about sexual abuse because of a patient at the hospital right now. Well, this morning, I'm looking through the paper and see that the guy who did this to my patient was arrested on 3 counts of child sexual abuse! I was so happy to see that this man will be behind bars, but still wish I could take all of that pain away from my patient. For some things, there is no true justice, but at least this is something.

So that was a good thing and so was going to the gym. I finally made it back. But come to think of it, it really wasn't that long since I've been....just 2 days. I like to be hard on myself about things though.

On to web wanderings!

Quixotical has posted a wonderful review of Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman. This book has been waiting patiently on my shelf to be read. It's being neglected by challenges, though in hindsight it would have fit perfectly into the fantasy challenge. Quixotical has been posting these wonderful little pictures of poppets with books for the fantasy challenge and I hope that the pictures continue throughout.

Up next is my favorite Friday Favorites of Carl V.'s yet. It's focus is Charles Vess, that wonderful, magical artist. Vess has done work on Gaiman's Sandman and Stardust, Clarke's The Ladies of Grace Aldieu, many comics and graphic novels, and the list just goes on and on. I like Carl's comparison, he's very much today's Arthur Rackham. Like Rackham, Vess is able to perfectly capture magic at it's purest in every painting or drawing he does. Thanks to Carl, I discovered that Vess has a comprehensive artbook coming out in August that I'm totally psyched about!

The Friends of English Magic blog has a wonderful interview with Jane Goldman all about the Stardust movie. It silenced many of my fears but confirmed one of them. Some fears are silenced because she said that everything we as fans loved about the book, the whole feeling of the book, is still there. What made me upset is that she said Yvaine had to be introduced really early in the movie unlike the book. I'm scared that this confirms that no time is spent setting up who Tristran is and where he comes from. Please be in there! She also mentions a "making of Stardust" book that will be released around the time of the movie as well as a visual companion book. Boy am I going to be poor come August!

Finally, their are two new editions to the blogroll. The first is Bookfoolery and Babble. This blog is fantastic! The author takes amazing photographs which are all over her blog and she has great taste in books and offers wonderful reviews. I enjoy her blog very much and hope that others can as well. The second addition is Colleen Gleason's blog. Colleen is an author who wrote The Rest Falls Away, a book that has had so many rave reviews and one that I must get around to reading. In fact, she's giving away 15 copies in a raffle of sorts through her blog. She touches on all sorts of subjects on her blog and her posts are always fun to read.


Quixotic said...

Hey Chris! Thanks for the linkage. :-) The Poppet-pix will indeed be a continuing feature during the challenge. And, hopefully, at some point the poppet puppet I was lucky enough to win the auction for will join us, and pose. Hooray!

Carl's Friday Favourite this week was my favourite too. Nothing like Charles Vess' work to bring a little magic to the day.

Colleen's blog is great too, I haven't visited there as much as I would like recently, but I always enjoy stopping by.

Chris said...

Yay for poppet puppets! I didn't win anything this time from Lisa's sale, but there's always next time!

Bookfool said...

Wow, thanks for the extremely kind remarks (you just gave me my warm fuzzy for the day - gotta stick your comments in my file for when I need an upper) and the link! I had just bopped over here to collect your address and add you to my own blog roll. Funny timing! :)

You've been scoping out some terrific blogs. I've gotten several great suggestions from Carl's blog. And, yes, do read The Rest Falls Away. It's really good. Colleen sent me an advanced reader copy of Rises the Night; I'll be reading and reviewing that one soon and then she's going to send me a copy to give away at the end of May. Cool, or what?

Chris said...

Very cool! Thanks for adding me as well :)

I can't wait to read Colleen's book. I've heard so much about it. Plus I like catching series early on, so I'll be reading it soon.

Carl V. said...

I look forward to reading that Stardust interview, thanks for the link.