Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Treasure Box by Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott Card has tackled many genres. He's done Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Speculative fiction, Biblical fiction, thrillers, political novels, and horror novels. Treasure Box fits into the latter category.

Card has written 3 horror novels: Lost Boys, Homebody, and Treasure Box. Each has it's own story to tell and each is unique. Treasure Box is the story of Quentin Fears (pronounced "fierce"). Quentin lost his sister Lizzy at a very young age. Since then, he has always felt a close, almost supernatural bond with her. After making many wise investments and becoming a millionaire Quentin meets a woman, Madeline, who reminds him of his long lost sister and marries her without knowing much about her. In meeting her family for the first time, Card gives us the perfect example of why we should not rush into a marriage when we don't know the person we are betrothed to.

Treasure Box is a haunting and thrilling supernatural ride from beginning to end. Card once again does not disappoint. He shows how he can tackle any genre and in doing so, become the master of that genre. Behind every Card book is a cast of strong, inspiring, human characters that the reader grows attached to. Treasure Box is no exception. Card has a powerful ability to portray his characters as living souls and someone that each person can relate to. He knows the human psyche and soul well.

I've read alot of criticism of Treasure Box, and I don't see why. I thought that it was a wonderful book from beginning to end. I've heard many people say that it "started too slow but gets really good in the middle." I don't think it started to slow at all. Rather than rushing in to the heart of the story, Card takes the time to build up his characters while at the same time setting up the story.

Card's done another wonderful job with Treasure Box, and I give it two thumbs up and a strong recommendation for someone looking for something more than another Stephen King novel.


Carl V. said...

Interesting, I didn't realize OSC had written any horror novels.

Admittedly I have seen films and read books that 'start slow', but it seems to be a by-product of the age of instant gratification that any time spent trying to develop a story rather than jumping right into the action is considered 'slow'. If done well a 'slow' beginning is the perfect way to present a story.

Chris said...

Totally agree with you. Personally, I like getting to know a character before the action kicks in.

OSC's horror novels are great! I really recommend Lost Boys. One of his best books and semi autobiographical. Get out the kleenex though!

Carl V. said...

Don't know if you noticed in the comments for today's post or not, but the ST documentary is being reaired on Saturday at 8p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central. It is a 2 hour documentary.

Chris said...

Yay! Thanks a bunch. Another chance to see it.