Saturday, February 24, 2007

My New Room

So after a very long day of moving and an 8 hour work shift after that, I am officially settled into my new room. What a relief. Tomorrow will be what a Sunday was meant to be...a day of rest. Here's a broad picture of the room. The wallpaper doesn't look as bad in the picture, or maybe I'm just getting used to it. But everyone gasps when they see it.

I'm glad to just have my own space again. It feels great. I love the feeling of tranquility (in case you can't tell by the many buddhas and candles) and I like my room to be a peaceful place. And I think I've done the best that I can with this space. I'm actually happy with it. The wallpaper's even starting to grow on me. It's actually kind of neat, I would just never choose it. It has all these different old ships and then descriptions and measurements written by each one. Maybe if I were 5 it would be cooler. I also got to display some art that I've been wanting to for awhile. Megan did the two drawings for me and also did the collage in the middle. I've always loved them, now I can display them. And in the middle is my Luck's Dancer from Lisa Snellings-Clark.

And last but certainly not least, I finally have a bookshelf again. Though I only have maybe one tenth of the books I actually own with me. I'm constantly having to ship books off to my Gram's house because there's just never any room. Hopefully within the next month I'll have all my books with me again. We're getting 3 bookshelves for the living room and I'm moving all my books onto those. It'll feel so good to have them all with me again. Here's the beginning of a very good thing:

So now I shall retire after a long days work to the wonderful thing that I used to take for granted called "my room."


Jessica said...

Crazy wall paper. It looks like you live in a really old person's house.

Chris said...

It's only my room. The rest of the house is nice and updated. go figure. the bathroom wallpaper's pretty bad though.

Carl V. said...

Yes, that wallpaper is as bad as it looks...don't let it suck you in! ;)

Love the bookshelf and tv close to the bed, you have your priorities in the right place, my friend. Am happy you'll be getting all your books back with you soon. Never a good thing to be separated from one's close friends like that.

The artwork, Snellings' stuff, etc. looks good. You do need to strip the wallpaper and paint though, seriously.

Chris said...

Trust me, that's the next project. Get rid of the horrible wallpaper!!

Carl V. said...

You know, I'm just happy that you have your own space, a place to find comfort after both the forgettable and unforgettable days at work.

Chris said...

Thanks Carl! I'm happy about that too.