Friday, February 9, 2007

A couple of web wanderings

It's Friday at last! It's actually been a really good week. Things have been somewhat slow on the unit, but they have remained interesting. I find myself becoming alot more comfortable with leading groups and today led the children's group without my supervisor and I think I made some good progress with a couple of the kids.

In job world, 2 opportunities have opened up. One is of course the guidance counselor job I have been ranting about, and the second is a place called "New Beginnings" which is similar to my internship placement. I believe it's an inpatient facility for children and adolescents, and I may put my resume in there too. My supervisor recommended them. They pay slightly better than this current place would, but they're also in Hammond which is about an hour's drive away from here. So I'd either be commuting or moving. I think I'm putting most of my eggs in the guidance counselor basket for now. It sounds like a great position, and the lady who will be interviewing me sounds very enthusiastic. Good stuff.

Oh yeah, web wanderings. A couple that I wanted to share. The first comes from Neil Gaiman in his entry "Now We Are Six". This is the 6th birthday of Neil's blog, so to celebrate, there is a little tool at the bottom called "Neil and his Magnificent Oracular Journal." It's sort of like a magic 8 ball, only it's Neil in the middle dressed in a Swami costume. Ask him a question, shake the orb, and an answer shall be given from a previous blog post. Fun stuff.

The second thing may interest some people. Subterranean Press is offering free advanced reading copies of some upcoming books to people who either review for a living or have a high-trafficked blog. Authors are Elizabeth Bear, Connie Willis, Ted Chiang, Robert Silverberg, Cherie Priest, Joe Lansdale, David Marusek, and last but not least, John Scalzi. More good stuff.

Update: Interview at Brother Martin at 3:00 on Wednesday....Say a prayer for me!


Carl V. said...

Again, can't wait to hear about the interview. Will definitely say a prayer.

I went ahead and put my name in the hat for the ARC copies. Don't know if I'll get any but might as well try.

Chris said...

That's the way I look at it. I think you'd have a pretty good chance. I'd say you get some decent traffic coming through your blog.

Thanks for the thoughts!

Carl V. said...

I have a pretty good number of lurkers, my traffic is okay. Don't lose anything by trying.