Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Yeah I bought more books....

I really need to stop this buying of books. At least for now. My "to be read" list sitting next to my bed has gotten to about 15 books tall. But I hit up Second Chance Book Adoption again today. Some great books on there. Get them now, because I'm pretty sure he said the site is going down soon. Great deals. Here's what I got:

Girl in Landscape by Jonathan Lethem
Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk
Sock by Penn Jillette
Someplace to be Flying by Charles De Lint

I'm very excited about the DeLint. I've never read any of his books and I hear people talk about him all the time. Looking forward to it!


Carl V. said...

"I really need to stop this buying of books."

You know that I'm chuckling under my breath, right?

Quixotic said...

Hee! You should see the size of my "to read" stacks. They've grown a fair bit since I posted photos...

Charles de Lint is wonderful. I'm currently reading Dreams Underfoot which is just utterly fab and engrossing. Spellbinding in fact.

Chris said...

Carl, I think it's just a lost cause. I have to admit to the fact that one day my room shall just become a sea of books that I'll float happily in.

Quixotic, I know the feeling. The fifteen books next to the bed are the immediate "to be read" books. There's a whole bunch of "to be read" collections in other places too. I'm looking forward to de Lint. Especially since you had such wonderful things to say about him!

Carl V. said...

I bought my first De Lint book last year, Widdershins, and eventhough I haven't yet finished it (I jump all over the place with my reading way too much) I was really, really enjoying it. I'm about a third of the way through and plan on picking it up in the spring.