Sunday, January 14, 2007

Where do tax dollars go exactly?

I've been sitting in my car for the last 3 1/2 hours because my sister got 2 flat tires last night on St. Charles. The flat tires were the result of 1 of an enormous amount of pot holes in New Orleans. My question is hard is it to fill in a damn pot hole?! Every time I drive around uptown (particularly Carrollton and St. Charles) I feel like I'm driving on an obstacle course. How many people have gotten flat tires on New Orleans streets because of pot holes? Countless surely.

So where are our tax dollars going exactly? I know it's not all that expensive to fix a pot hole, but hey, we have the money to spray paint the grass green (see previous post). This whole city is just in shambles. If it weren't for the Saints bringing up the morale of New Orleans, God only knows how low peoples spirits would be. Everyone's still waiting for Blanco's wonderful "road home to recovery" money. I mean, the government gave us something like 46 billion dollars, and you can't see any of it. There's nothing being fixed in New Orleans. This city is becoming like the houses in Lakeview...already in bad condition, but now just collapsing on themselves. Grrrr.

Anyways, I'm hoping to get back to writing for a little while tonight so that I may be able to get chapter 2 done/posted before I start the week from hell. We'll see how successful I am at this.

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Jessica said...

Just a thought but you live in Jefferson parish so it wouldn't even be your tax dollars (nor do you pay a property tax because you dont have your own home) so you are not responsible for the pot holes. Have a good day! Oh and food for thought - FLA USA has like no potholes! And maye Michelle is just a bad driver :)