Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Top Chef and American Idol

**Spoiler alert from tonights episode of TopChef**

Well mentioned earlier, the two chefs I was hoping to see in the finale were Sam and Elia. Both are fascinating people in my opinion and both have wonderful cooking styles. Elia's food always looked delicious and seemed the most flavorful to me despite my not being able to taste it :P Sam's food was very interesting. I tend to not like health food very much. I like granola and a few fruits but that's really about it. Sam made food that was always very appealing to me yet healthy! Now that's talent. I also found them to be the most professional. Now I don't like Marcel very much, but I dislike Ilan even more. Ilan seems like a little sneak that didn't even have any presence until halfway through the season. His food looks o.k., but it's not enough to win my vote. Marcel obviously knows what he's doing. He knows the science of food well and is the best in presentation from the competition. I just don't think I would like his foods personally. Sometimes he just gets too bizarre. But I'm voting for him on behalf of all the kids who have ever gotten picked on in their lives. So Marcel, good luck man!

American idol - Yeah, I know...a mindless show. But I had to comment on one of the auditions tonight. The girl who was an opera singer. I thought she was great. Unfortunately, she's going to need a makeover for America to vote for her because America tends to put too much into beauty and sort of skips over the talent sometimes. It was the first audition I've ever heard where someone sang Jeff Buckley, one of my all time favorite musical artists. And I think she did a great job. I was shocked in fact that the judges let her through, but I'm so glad they did. She had a great voice that was different from anyone else who has ever been on idol. So opera girl, you have my vote for as long as you're on the show!

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