Saturday, January 6, 2007

Time, Cranberries, and Grad Students

Time is a funny thing. The funny thing about it is that it has apparantley gone into fast forward. Does it seem like 2006 just flew by to anyone else? I mean I feel like I just started grad school and now I'm graduating in May. And I feel like my years are coming by faster, but I don't see a very clear future ahead of me. Professionally, yes. Personally, no. I just don't want to get old. I think the fact that I am about to be in the real world is freaking me out. You mean I can't be a student anymore? oh well, one more reason to go for the PhD. I just wish time would slow down. Especially between now and Tuesday, because these are my last days off before the semester starts again.

Second rant...The Cranberries. Maybe I'm a decade late on this one, but why the hell did they have to turn so shitty (the band, not the fruit. I actually enjoy the fruit dried). I put on "everybody else is doing it so why can't we" today and I just felt like melting as soon as I heard "i still do". What a damn good album! That whole album just brings me back to the nineties. The days of being a "goth", writing bad poetry, and listening to the cranberries ( of these things just doesn't belong of these things just isn't the same...i.e. cranberries + goth = how?). Then I listened to "no need to argue" which is an equally as good album. Absolutely amazing. Same retro feeling. Even "to the faithful departed" was o.k. But come on...what the hell was up with "wake up and smell the coffee"? that album was crap as was anything else that they've put out. It's just sad to know that they'll never be the same again. (see above complaint about time).

And finally, once again thanks to Nicole, please enjoy this very short but hilarious video on grad students:

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Nicole said...

I'm right there with you about time, Chris. Maybe that's why so many people take so long to finish the dissertation--pure FEAR at the prospect of being out of school PERMANENTLY! At least with an academic job you can pretend that you're still in school, or young, or cool, or whatever you want, actually. You may not fool the students (Dr. Schock), but you can fool yourself! Of course, I still look at the Freshmen and think, "I have siblings younger than you!" When the day comes that I can't say that anymore, I'm toast. Here you go: I have a CHILD who's about to turn 10!!?! When did this happen?? Yeah, 2006 was incredibly fast. I thought it was just me. Why is it that the years get shorter as we get older, anyway? Now I feel like listening to Pink Floyd:

"Ten years have got behind you/No one told you when to run/You missed the starting gun..." *sigh*

P.S.-So much 90s alternative is the same as The Cranberries. Next you need to speculate on what exactly made that brief time period between 1993 and 1997-or so so conducive to good music! (And then make me a CD to go with the post!) ;)