Friday, January 26, 2007

Presents for me

I decided that I wanted to splurge a little bit today. oh-oh! Not so bad though. I got some cool stuff. My favorite place to splurge (aside from B&N) is Target. I don't know why, I just love that store.

The first thing I bought myself was a watch because I needed one really bad. But it doesn't fit so I have to go back tomorrow to get some links taken off.

Splurge number 2 was season 3 (the final season) of Roswell on DVD. And get this, on sale for $17.99! There's no way in hell I could pass that up. I've seen the entire series except for season 3, so I'm very excited. In my opinion, Roswell was the best TV show that the WB ever produced. And that's by miles. Nothing else has come close. Seasons 1&2 of Smallville were pretty good, but I've given up on that show. There was something magical about Roswell. The characters were the best on TV in a long time and I don't think any show recently has reached that caliber. Katherine Heigl is incredible. She's gorgeous! And I like this Izzy much better than her latest Izzy on Grey's Anatomy...though she's still a great actress on Grey's. I don't own seasons 1 & 2. Megan owns them all as she was the person who introduced me to the show. But I never got to watch season 3 with her. So I'm in for a treat.

Splurge number 3 was the new Shin's CD Wincing The Night Away. It's such a good CD! It was definitely an impulse buy and it paid off big time. I was introduced to the shins as so many people were through the Garden State soundtrack. I've gotten into them alot since then, though I've never bought one of their CD's. This is really a great CD and I'd recommend it to fans of any genre of music. Well..any of the many rock genres and some of the more pop-y genres. It's a very unique sound that they've put together here. Definitely still sound like The Shins, but they've improved immensely. Sometimes sounds like 50's sock hop music (I can imagine girls in poodle skirts dancing to it) mixed with 60's rock, 90's alternative, and that great new sound that they have invented. Very spacey and pop-y all at the same time. Check it's a good one.

The final splurge was another Buddha to add to the collection. For those who don't know, I have somewhat of a Buddha obsession. I wouldn't consider myself a buddhist (as an example, see this list of the many material possessions I have bought myself) but I like alot of buddhist "doctrine" if that's the word for it. I also love asian art in general and that includes sculptures, statues, and paintings of the various buddhist and hindu gods. I don't even know how many buddhas I have at this point, but it's enough to aggravate my family. And half of them are in boxes since Katrina came plowing through. I got this one at Target's "World Bazaar". I love it when they do that. Though things are sometimes a little too pricey. But hey, this little guy was only $4.99. Can't beat that.


Quixotic said...

Ooh! I love Roswell too, and I agree - Katherine Heigl is great. Love Grey's Anatomy too, actually.

You're right about Roswell, it has a certain kind of magic about it.

Carl V. said...

Target is great, always enjoy shopping there. I have not ever watched Roswell, may have to add the first season to my Netflix list. Also haven't heard of the Shins but am always on the lookout for new music so I'll check them out on Rhapsody.

Chris said...

Hey Carl, You HAVE to check out Roswell. You'll love it. It's right up there with The Next Generation and Firefly as best TV series ever made :p. It's unfortunate that it was taken off the air so early on, but that's what seems to happen to all of the good ones. There's a huge underground following of the show now. There's actually an online petition to have a Roswell movie made. Prob. not going to happen though. The actors have all gone on to bigger and better things. But yeah, definitely worth checking out.

Literacy-chic said...

Love Target! And I've liked what I've seen of Roswell so far. It's very compelling!

Chris said...

It's a great series! I miss shopping with y'all in target :( That's where you first introduced me to the pumpkin spice latte :)