Monday, January 29, 2007

Lisa Snellings-Clark update

Lisa has produced some beautiful work as of late. You can see some of her latest creations here. I can feel an art sale coming on very soon and that makes me excited. Her art is incredible and I have fallen for it very quickly. She also talks in this post about the life of an artist during those "studio days" and how long the hours can actually be. But as we can see, every hour is well worth it. I particularly like the bottom left photo on the post. I think she said she was doing another poppet sale in February. I'll link to that when she posts it.


Carl V. said...

She is amazing. I did a long post on her quite awhile back as the inaugural artist in my Artisan Series. I own one of her Red statues and it is my prize possession, built a bookshelf with my father last year specifically to house it. I find her creativity, work ethic, and openness about life and the process of creating art very refreshing and inspiring.

Chris said...

Very true. And all of that ethic, openness,and certainly her creativity show in her work. One of these days, I will own one of her bigger pieces. I just have to!

Quixotic said...

Love Lisa's work. Seriously love it. Poppets particularly, oh and the Neil Gaiman Rat...yum.

She does a marvellous mix of cute and creepy, haunting and eerie.

And her blog is fascinating.