Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I want the snow!

So this winter weather sweep is taking over everywhere but Louisiana. Well ok, northern Louisiana but do they really count? Even Texas has frozenness. Megan reported to me earlier that it looks like a winter wonderland in College Station, and even though it has not snowed, everything is frozen and there's icicles all over. When is it our turn? It never snows here. Except for Christmas day 2 years ago of course.

The logic of Louisiana says that the Saints will in fact not only play in the Superbowl, but will win. Why, you ask. Well..good things happen in threes. Wait a minute, scratch that. THINGS happen in threes. #1 - 2004 - snows on Christmas day in New Orleans. #2 - 2005 - biggest natural disaster (Katrina) in the history of the U.S. hits New Orleans. Duh #3 - 2006(7) - SAINTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL. Logical, neh?

So back to the snow...despite thoroughly enjoying the internship more and more, I would love to have a "snow day" (whatever that is) here in New Orleans and just lay in bed all day and read really good books. Speaking of books, I'm plugging Second Chance Book Adoption again. The guy who runs it is great. I received my books (already) yesterday! Not only did I get the 8 books I ordered, but he threw in 2 extra ones and a card as well! How awesome. And he's just listed some new titles. According to his blog, there is a reason for selling these books. #1 - He's moving to Singapore and it would be very expensive to ship all of these there. #2 - He's recently been practicing Buddhism and of course, Buddhism aims at not holding on to material possessions (at the least, not a plethora of them). So support this guy. It's a great cause any way you look at it!

I think that's all I have to say right now. I'm sure I'll think of something later. A little delirious here if you can't tell. Ooh, just thought of something. I'm very excited because I'm waiting on the DVD set of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere to come in the mail. I ordered it from eBay and am also expecting an electric shaver (finally) and a brand new watch :) Neverwhere was originally made as a TV show and was shown on A&E a long time ago and was THEN made into a book. And a great book I might add. So I'll post a review of it as soon as I get it and check it out. That's all.


Carl V. said...

You've done it the right way. Reading the book first is a much better way to do it. Part of Neil's motivation for the novel was that he wasn't satisfied with the series. I love it, its very old-style Dr. Whoish, but the book is so much better. I think you'll enjoy it because you have the fleshed out version from the book in your head. Look forward to your review.

Chris said...

That's what I've heard from a few people...that is that he wasn't satisfied with the series. I'm sure I'll enjoy it though, I loved the novel. Review will be posted soon I'm sure.

Carl V. said...

I pull it out and watch it probably once a year. I am most looking forward to talking to you about what you thought of the various actors/actresses chosen to play the parts. How they met or did not meet your expectations.